New Wallet E&E Kit from ESEE

ESEE continues to expand their Izula Gear brand with the new Wallet E&E kit. The Wallet E&E kit won’t replace a traditional survival kit. It is designed to be a compact, easy to carry, last ditch E&E kit.

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The gear contained in this kit serves a more specific purpose than just surviving. It is gear that is used for a very specific type of survival – Escape and Evasion. This is why you will find some non-typical items like a non-metallic handcuff key, kevlar cord, and a titanium blade. These items are chosen for their ability to be hidden on your person and stay undetected should the need to escape a bad situation arise.


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A set of the previously reviewed Titanium Bogota Rakes would compliment a kit like this very well.

The Wallet E&E kit will be available soon from ESEE Dealers.

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One Response to New Wallet E&E Kit from ESEE

  1. Dustin Tarditi October 15, 2010 at 09:25 #

    I’m waiting for this to hit the shelves – add a couple tinder cubes + water purification tabs and the kit can get you pretty far for something that can easily be EDC’ed.

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