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ESEE Knives JG5

ESEE has already taken on the iconic Kephart design last year with the introduction of their PR4 design. Now they are taking on another classic outdoor knife design, the Nessmuk, with the introduction of the JG5.

The JG5 is based on the iconic bull nose skinner style knife preferred by adventurer George Washington Sears who wrote under the pen name “Nessmuk”. The knife features 1/8th inch thick 1095 steel with a 4.875″ long blade and a black wash finish. The JG5 features sculpted micarta scales and weighs in at 5.3 ounces.

The JG5 is available exclusively from Smoky Mountain Knife Works. It is available to pre-order now: JG5 at SMKW

ESEE Map and Compass Basics Course – Free Resource


Map and compass skills are somewhat perishable. If you don’t use them from time to time, you can start to lose them. Everyone needs a refresher course once in a while. Thankfully, the good folks at ESEE Knives/Randall’s Adventure Training were kind enough to put the presentation that they use to teach basic map and compass skills online for the benefit of humanity. If you are a seasoned pro or a just a beginner when it comes to land nav, it will be well worth your time to read through these slides.

Check out the Randall’s Adventure Training Map and Compass Basics Course.

ESEE Rite in the Rain Notebook Pictures

ESEE Rite In The Rain Pics

ESEE is showing the first pics of the production version of their ESEE Rite in the Rain notebooks that we mentioned several weeks ago. These notebooks have several useful features in addition to the Rite in the Rain paper. They have plastic inserts reference pages printed with survival and navigation information and clear map scale and compass cards with protective film covering. If you are like me and already keep a Rite in the Rain notebook with your navigation gear, you will probably find these very useful. These will be at ESEE dealers shortly.

Check out the new ESEE website at ESEEKnives.com.

ESEE Rite In The Rain Notebook

I like Rite In The Rain Notebooks and I like ESEE’s navigation tools so I guess I am sure to like the new ESEE Rite In The Rain Notebook. The new notebook contains the same water-resistant paper that you know from Rite In The Rain along with navigation and survival reference cards and translucent map tools. I always keep a Rite In The Rain Notebook tucked into my map case anyway, so adding the ESEE version will be a no-brainer.

The ESEE Rite In The Rain Notebook is coming soon. Check out ESEEKnives.com.

ESEE Rite In The Rain

The-Knife-Connection Handle Kits Now Available for the ESEE3

The new ESEE3 Handle Kits look much like the previous ESEE4 models (pictured above).

The-Knife-Connection’s excellent Handle Kits are now available for the ESEE3. I recently reviewed the Handle Kits for the ESEE4 and I was very impressed. They are more contoured than the flat slabs that come standard on the ESEE knives and offer some extra length. The ESEE3 should really benefit from these TKC Handle Kits since it is thinner than the ESEE4. Some people with large hands find the ESEE handles to be a little short so the extra length of these scales can be a definite plus for some users. There are several color options available, including some new subdued colors.

TKC offers these individually so you can retrofit your current ESEE knife or they have a very cool “Build Your Own ESEE” option. You can choose your blade color and handle color. You can also choose from TKC’s selection of ESEE sheaths, both OEM and custom leather.

Check the new Handle Kits out at The-Knife-Connection.

Keep an eye out for TKC’s Izula scales sometime early next year.

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