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Fight and Flight Tactical Y.U.C.K.

Little Johnny (or Suzy) is going to need something to carry their tactical sippy cup and Multicam pajamas in when they fast rope into day care. Thankfully, Fight and Flight Tactical has your pint sized operator covered with the Youth Utility Carry Kit (YUCK).

The YUCK is a kid sized backpack that has every bit as much durability and utility as an adult sized three day pack. The durability comes from the 1000D nylon construction with 420D pack cloth lining for additional wear and water resistance. The utility comes from a number of organization features like sippy cup sized mesh side pockets, an internal mesh zipper pocket, a large main compartment, and external pocket.

The packs also feature a small PALS webbing panel for adding additional pouches or maybe for threading in string cheese. The Velcro loop panels allow you to add patch and nametape. The over sized grab handle gives you something to grab onto when you need to stop them from running into traffic or move them through a crowd. The YUCK also features a D-ring that can be used as an attachment point for a leash to ensure that your little operator’s AO is never too far from your AO.

The YUCK isn’t just for kids. It is also available with longer straps since it happens to be a pretty good size for a purse (or so I am told). It is available in a ton of different color combinations that you can mix and match to your hearts content.

I have two of these inbound for my girls so stay tuned for a full review. In the mean time, you can check out the YUCK on FightandFlight.com.


Hill People Gear Tarahumara: Now in Multicam

It seems that you can fit nearly every gear company out there into one of two niches – those who make minimalist gear and those who over-engineer. Hill People Gear seems to successfully straddle the middle ground by offering gear that is, in their words, “just complex enough to solve the problem, but no more.” This philosophy is evident in the Tarahumara Pack which is now available in Multicam.

The Tarahumara Pack is a small, relatively uncomplicated pack which makes it somewhat unique given the growing complexity of many outdoor products. It is designed to be compact and ride close to the wearer so that the experience of wearing the pack is hopefully like not wearing a pack at all. The compression straps allow the Tarahumara to be cinched down tight so that even a less than full pack can be held tight to the wearer.

The addition of Multicam as an option seems natural since this pack is versatile enough to be a great hunting pack or to function as an assault pack. The Tarahumara is also available in Ranger Green, Coyote Brown, and Foliage Green.

HillPeopleGear.com has all the details.


PIG Full Dexterity Tactical Glove

Finding the right shooting glove is a never ending quest for some, including myself. That is why I am excited to try out the new Full Dexterity Tactical (FDT-Alpha) Glove from SKD Tactical’s PIG line.

It often seems like there is very little thought or effort into making most “tactical” gloves. In fact, it seems like companies do little more than add the word “tactical” to the label. SKD has taken a ground up approach to build a glove that excels at the tasks that will be asked of a glove like this. While other companies add more layers, more padding, and rigid materials to their gloves, SKD is making things thinner, lighter, and more flexible (SKD acknowledges that this comes at the cost of some durability). Even in the places that the glove is padded for protection, it is thin padding designed just to take the edge off of impacts while still allowing excellent movement.

This may sound silly, but I am excited to see that these gloves have para-cord loops and a nose wipe area on the back of the thumb. The loops make it easy to stow the gloves on your gear and the nose wipe is great for those cold days on the range. These two items may not be cool but they are practical and often overlooked features.

Pictures have been showing up now and then of these gloves on various online sources. These gloves have already been in the hands of some serious users who have been putting them through their paces. The feedback that I have seen has been universally good.

SKD calls these the FDT-Alpha because these are just the first in a series of gloves. Look for FR (flash resistant) and touch screen compatible models soon. I am hoping they can come up with a decent water-resistant cold weather glove too.

Check out the FDT-Alpha Gloves on SKDTAC.com.

VTAC Quick Detach Ultralight Vertical Grip

The new VTAC Quick Detach Ultralight Vertical Grips (UVG) offer hard anodized aluminum construction with the weight of polymer (just 3.8 ounces). This is accomplished by aggressively milling away excess material to leave a functional frame of a vertical grip. It is designed to be compact but still long enough to be a functional grip.

The UVG features rattle free internal battery storage for 2x AA or 2x CR123 batteries. The batteries are retained via a clever o-ring set up that is easily user replaceable if it starts to wear out. Batteries are watertight on their own so water tight storage is not necessarily needed.

The DLOC QD systems allows the UVG to be installed and removed on your rail without tools.

Check out the UVG on the VTAC website.

Patch Collecting: Pink Ribbon Patch for Cancer Research from TNVC

Patch collecting is fun, but every once in a while, it also gives you a chance to contribute to a good cause. That is the case with the Pink Ribbon Patch for Cancer Research from Tactical Night Vision Company (TNVC).

TNVC is selling this patch to honor those who are fighting cancer and to raise funds for the American Cancer Society. They will be donating ALL the proceeds from this patch, so be sure to check out the Pink Ribbon Patch for Cancer Research on the TNVC website.

Pre-Order the A-TACS FG TAC.U Combat Shirt from PredatorBDU

A-TACS FG is one of the most hotly anticipated camo patterns to come along in a long time and the TAC.U Combat Shirt from Propper is one of the most anticipated uniform items to feature the new camo pattern. Very few items are even available in the A-TACS FG pattern yet but you can now pre-order the excellent Propper TAC.U Combat Shirt from PredatorBDU.com.

The tentative ship date from Propper is the end of February so, if you act fast, you can be sure that you receive your A-TACS FG TAC.U Combat Shirt as soon as they are available.

Pre-order now on PredatorBDU.com.

Review: US PALM AK30 Rebuild Kit

The internal components that US PALM uses in their AK30 Magazines are excellent. Their AK30 Rebuild Kit makes it possible to install those same internal components in any magazine body that you choose. These kits allow you to revitalize old worn out magazines or even to upgrade your working magazines. I have mentioned these on the blog in the past and now I have had a chance to spend some quality time with them.


The AK30 Rebuild Kits are made up of 3 components: a skeletonized polymer follower, a stainless steel magazine spring, and a parkerized steel floor plate latch. These are premium components. The followers are of the same distinctive design used on the AK30. It is ventilated to allow debris to be easily flushed out. It also seems to be very low friction (more on that later).

The US PALM AK30 follower is very distinctive.

When I have a choice I prefer a quality stainless spring. Modern stainless springs offer increased corrosion resistance while still providing set free reliability for many thousands of compressions. These springs will likely outlast the magazine body in which they are housed. I have had AK magazines fail due to rusty springs, but that becomes much less likely with the use of a stainless spring.

There isn’t much to say about the floor plate latches other than they locked into every magazine that I tried. Its only real purpose is to retain the floor plate and it does that well.

The floor plate latch is nicely finished and works well to retain the floor plate.

In Use

I had 4 kits that I installed in 4 different magazines: a polymer Polish magazine, a Chinese “no rib” steel magazine, a Hungarian 20 round “tanker” magazine, and a Bulgarian Circle 10 polymer magazine.

Left to right: Hungarian Tanker, Chinese "No Rib", Bulgarian Circle 10

The Polish magazine is the earlier military type that has steel reinforcement in the feedlips, not the later commercial types with no steel. This was the magazine that I was most looking forward to testing the kit with since its original follower was very sticky in the magazine body to the point that it would cause an occasional stoppage. The AK30 Rebuild kit immediately and completely cured the feeding issues. I have put over 300 trouble free rounds through this magazine with the kit installed. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am about this because this is a great magazine body and it was a real shame that it wasn’t running well.

The Chinese “no rib” magazine accepted the kit and ran perfectly. However, the follower is a little bit narrow for this type of magazine and will only engage one of the follower retaining dimples at a time. These dimples are in place to prevent the follower from riding up too high in the magazine. By not engaging on both, the follower was allowed to wobble a bit more than usual. My concern would be that the follower might wear out sooner or develop more too much tilt over time. However, it functioned without issue through 180 rounds.

Hungarian 20 round “tanker” magazines utilize the same springs and followers as 30 round magazines. The AK30 Rebuild Kits fit the magazines perfectly. Loading the last few rounds is somewhat difficult but they functioned very well. There were no malfunctions through 150 rounds.

The follower required some fitting to work with the Bulgarian Circle 10 magazine. The follower would catch on the metal feedlip inserts. The fix was simple. I used a sharp knife to chamfer the top corners of the follower. The AK30 guts in the Circle 10 magazine body made for a very nice combination – the ultra rugged Circle 10 magazine body paired with the great follower and stainless spring of the AK30. It functioned perfectly through 300 rounds.

Top to bottom: Hungarian Tanker, Chinese "No Rib", Bulgarian Circle 10

Will They Work for You?

Given the somewhat wide variances in AK magazines, US PALM has done a very good job of making a kit that fits a broad range of magazine bodies. However, there can be some fit issues as evidenced by the examples I mentioned above. There are also some magazines that common sense dictates you wouldn’t want to use these kits.

If you are interested in trying the AK30 Rebuild Kits, I recommend buying one kit and trying it in the magazines that you intend to use it in before you buy several kits. Check the fit in as many magazines as you can. Determine if you will need to do any fitting (which is extremely easy to do). Then, once you have determined that they will work with your favorite magazine body, buy all that you need.

If you have “bolt hold open” mags like those from Yugoslavia, these kits are not for you. The follower has a taper at the back that will not work well to hold the bolt open. The plastic will also likely not hold up very well to being battered by the bolt and bolt carrier.


I like these kits. I was able to successfully use one to rejuvenate a magazine that would have been difficult and expensive to replace. I also like that there is finally a stainless steel spring option for AK magazines. This kit makes maintaining your magazines much more simple and makes them more resistant to a lack of maintenance. It will be up to you to determine if they work with your magazines and whether you need the functionality of the improved follower and stainless spring.

You can check out the AK30 Rebuild Kits on the US PALM website.

Disclosure: These kits were provided to me for review, free of charge, by US PALM.

SHOT Show Redux

SHOT Show is over. The exhibitors are tearing down their booths and heading home. Many people are calling this one of the dullest shows in years, but I am not so sure. There may not have been a firearm announcement that really set the world on fire, there were a number of interesting accessories that were announced like 2 MOA Aimpoint Micros, US PALM’s Quad Stack Magazines, and several innovative plate carriers by FirstSpear, Crye Precision, and S&S Precision. I also think that the new Series 2X Multitasker and other upcoming Multitasker tools were very interesting, as was the MagPod. I wonder how the MagPod will be effected by the new PMAG 30 M3.

US PALM Quad Stack Magazine

Knives and outdoor gear tend to see less coverage than guns and their accessories unless you know where to look. ESEE had some new offerings at the show as did the value brand Condor. Ka-Bar and Becker had some very interesting midsized Becker knives on display along with an old Becker classic, the Brute.

The ESEE Candiru is shown here with the Izula (left).

As with many SHOT Shows, this one seemed to have an unintentional theme – Zombies. This was definitely (and unfortunately) the year of the zombie as many companies find themselves having to rediscover the civilian market after years of depending on sales driven by 2 wars. Hopefully, the zombie stuff will go away soon and companies will realize that we would rather be marketed to as skilled intelligent shooters/outdoorsman, not half wits who love fantasy gimmicks. Zombies are great in the movies, please just keep them off my gear.

So what did you find most interesting at SHOT? Is there anything that is going on your must have list? Is there anything that you are disappointed that you didn’t see? Anything that you are disappointed with now that you have seen it?

Welcome Orion-Concepts

Please welcome Orion-Concepts as Jerking the Trigger’s latest partner. Orion-Concepts is a kydex bender that is making some really unique holsters.

Their MOD-1 holster traces its roots back to the classic leather pancake holster. However, unlike most leather pancake holsters, the MOD-1 can be molded to fit weaponlights and is available with camo hydro dipping. The pancake design is comfortable and allows the handgun to be carried very close to the body while still offering enough of the grip to allow a very fast draw. To further enhance how close the gun is carried, the MOD-1 is designed to be with the belt over the body of the holster.

Check out the Orion-Concepts website and be sure to like them on Facebook to keep up on their special deals. Stay tuned for a review of the MOD-1 holster.

ESEE Candiru

ESEE is showing the new Candiru in their booth at SHOT. This little knife is smaller than their well known Izula. I suppose that Candiru is a perfect name for a small knife since the Candiru is a small fish that is known for lodging itself in their unfortunate victim’s urethra.

The pictures from Katie Becket of ESEE seem to indicate that it is roughly the same thickness as the ESEE3 which would make it somewhere around 1/8″ thick. It is being shown in all the same color combinations as the larger ESEE knives which is different than the Izula which is only has tan canvas micarta scales available.

I will share more details when they become available.

The Candiru is shown here with the Izula (left).



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