Bullpup Shoot 2016

Bullpup Shoot 2016 is right around the corner and this is going to be a big one. There will at least 5 new rifle designs displayed at the vendor tables, not just to look at… They will be available to shoot!

The following new rifles will be available to shoot:

  • Lithgow USA F90 ATRAX
  • Hill and Mac Gun STG-44
  • Hill and Mac Gun CETME L
  • JARD, Inc. J97 9mm Gen 2
  • Desert Tech MDR

That’s right. Desert Tech will have a demo MDR on hand that you can shoot. This might be the biggest bullpup release since the Tavor came to the USA.

The shoot is held in Mount Carroll, Illinois on September 17th from 9AM to 5PM. You can visit BullpupShoot.com for more detail.

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