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ESEE Knives Rite in the Rain Survival/Navigation Notebook Now Available

They’re finally here! The 3″x5″ ESEE Knives Rite in the Rain Survival/Navigation Notebooks that we mentioned earlier this year are now available for purchase.


These notebooks feature 45 pages of Rite in the Rain paper and several plastic pages of survival, navigation, and E&E tips. Best of all, they feature a set of clear map tool pages with map scales, UTM grid, and protractor.

Rite in the Rain notebooks are a constant companion for me and this is the Rite in the Rain notebook at its fullest potential. Check them out at BladeHQ.

ESEE Rite In The Rain

Clever and Easy Bogota Entry Tools Hiding Spot

Here is a simple way to hide your Bogota Entry Tools on your everyday carry gear, tactical gear, or uniform. Just hide them under a Velcro backed patch. The patch keeps them secure, out of sight, and easy to access. I will admit that this is likely not the hardest to locate hiding spot but as long as you aren’t walking around peering in windows like some kind of a creep, it is probably sufficient.

Check out the selection of Bogota Entry Tools at SerePick.com and JTT partner VigilantGear.com.

The credit for this idea goes to Usual Suspect Network Administrator and all around nice guy Brian C.

Bogotas Hiding

Bogotas Revealed

Squid Med Kit from Snake Eater Tactical

The contents of med kits can be expensive, so the concept of a drop-in organizer that lets you transfer the contents between pouches can make a lot of sense if you are on a tight budget. However, the organizer must allow immediate access and keep everything organized or it is not worth the cost reduction. Something like the Squid Med Kit from Snake Eater Tactical might be just what the doctor ordered (groan).

The Squid med kit

The Squid Med Kit is available in two difference sizes – small and medium. It is basically an organizer constructed from webbing and easily user replaceable 1/8″ shock cord that lets you turn any pouch into an organized and accessible IFAK.

You just load items like bandages, hemostatic agents, tourniquets, etc. into the Squid Med Kit and then drop it into a pouch or pocket. When you need it, you just open the pouch and pull the large, integral pull strap. Now you are free to remove items to work on yourself, someone else, or even pass the whole kit off to someone who may need it.

Check out The Squid Med Kit at Snake Eater Tactical.

Zombie Tinder

The zombie craze is starting to fade in the gun world (thank goodness) but I did come across one zombie themed item recently that got my attention. Zombie Tinder is an easy to use emergency fire starting aid.

Zombie Tinder

Zombie Tinder makes 2 different sized tinder balls – Wet Weather Tinder and Dry Weather Tinder. They are available in kits that contain different mixes of the 2 depending on where you plan on using them. If you are going to be in the rain forests of the Northwest, then you’ll need a longer burning tinder for starting fires with wet wood. If you are going to be trekking across a desert, then shorter burn times will suffice.

Each kit comes in a tin that can be used a number of different ways. It is reflective for emergency signaling, can be used to boil water, make char cloth, or just carry small items.

I watched Dry Weather Tinder burn for just under 15 minutes which was impressive to say the least. The larger Wet Weather Tinders can be burn longer than 20 minutes according to the manufacturer. Check out ZombieTinder.com.

Visible Cutaway Practice Handcuff

You can learn about lock bypassing by having it explained to you or by reading about it. You can learn a lot more when you can actually see it happen right in front of you. That is why the visible cutaway practice locks that ITS Tactical offers are so valuable. They let you see how your tools interact with the various components of the lock.

ITS Tactical Visible Handcuff

They recently added a Visible Cutaway Practice Handcuff to their line of available visible cutaway locks. So, whether you want to practice shimming or picking, you can see exactly what is going on inside the handcuff as you manipulate it.

Check out the Visible Cutaway Practice Handcuff at ITS Tactical.


AmmoCanStove.com makes and sells wood stoves that are made from ammo cans. Of course, you probably surmised that from their name.

Ammo Can Stove

These stoves look a lot better than a typical DIY project (maybe they just look better than any of my DIY projects). They utilize some pretty cleverly designed components and are reinforced to handle heat. The entire stove kit can be packed into itself along with your fire kit (it is an ammo can after all) and it still has the handle intact to keep the entire unit very portable. They also offer several accessories like baffles to prolong the life of the stove and distribute the heat, spark arresters, additional chimney sections, etc.

I was very surprised at the reasonable prices on these stoves. Ammo cans aren’t dirt cheap anymore and the stoves appear to make use of some custom manufactured parts. I would have expected the prices to be much higher than around $120 before shipping. I can already hear some of you saying “I can make on of those for $5 and some scrap metal in my basement!” Well, no you can’t. Check out the videos on the site to see what goes into these stoves. For all the time it would take to build one of these, plus the cost of the components, I think I would just rather support a craftsman in the USA than build one myself.

Check out AmmoCanStove.com for more information on all their models and accessories.

Review: Vinyl Tape, Coyote Brown from Battle Systems LLC

People have been using vinyl electrical tape for years to do various “tactical” things. If you have ever used it, you know why the world needs something better. Enter Vinyl Tape, Coyote Brown from Battle Systems LLC.

Battle Systems Vinyl Tape, Coyote Brown


Vinyl Tape, Coyote Brown from Battle Systems LLC is made from flexible, slightly stretchy vinyl. It’s tape, and it is coyote brown in color. The name says it all. That is pretty much the general overview. It isn’t until you use it, that you start to really appreciate it.

Battle Systems Vinyl Tape, Coyote Brown Webbing Wrap

Observations from Use

I have been using this tape for over a year now. The first thing that I did when I purchased my first roll is wrap 6 inches of it around an Inka pen that I keep on my keyring at all times. I wanted to test how well the tape adhered to itself and how well it would stand up to constant wear from being battered by keys while in my pocket all day. That same length of tape has been in place for over a year. It has never peeled, lifted, ripped, or unraveled. The same keys that will scratch the anodization from aluminum, couldn’t lift the tape. That is amazing to me.

Battle Systems Vinyl Tape, Coyote Brown Key Wrap

If you are used to using electrical tape to do things like secure loose webbing and straps, you are going to love this tape. It doesn’t leave any residue behind – not even a little. It doesn’t turn into a slimy mess in the heat. It doesn’t melt as readily when exposed to extreme heat and flame. It doesn’t crack in the cold. It also doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb like black electrical tape. It just works.

I have found that it is an ideal solution for securing excess straps and webbing. It adheres to itself well and can even be peeled and reused at least a few times. I have also used it to mark my AR-15 and AK magazines. I use a double wrap at the base of the magazine to make them immediately recognizable as mine. As a bonus, the rubbery vinyl texture of the tape makes them easier to grip. I also like to use it to make small containers water-resistant. If you make Altoid tin survival kits, a few wraps of Vinyl Tape, Coyote Brown over the lip of the tin will keep the contents of the container dry during downpours or a quick dunk (prolonged submersion will bypass the tape). It also serves as another useful component of the kit. I keep a bit of it in my gear at all times for gear repairs. It’s tape. You are going to find a million uses for it.

Battle Systems Vinyl Tape, Coyote Brown on Tin Battle Systems Vinyl Tape, Coyote Brown Mag Marker

Wrap Up

It is easy to write off Vinyl Tape, Coyote Brown as brown electrical tape if you haven’t tried it and I guess it would work just fine as electrical tape. However, if you use it, the quality will be readily apparent. What makes this tape great is that it is like electrical tape in the right ways but without all the annoyances. It is just better.

Check out Vinyl Tape, Coyote Brown at BattleSystemsLLC.com.

Armored Plate Carrier Medical Modules from Chinook Medical Gear

Chinook Med Armor Module LE

Chinook Medical Gear’s new Armored Plate Carrier Medical Modules are designed to allow armor wearers to keep a trauma kit with them, even when there is no room on their plate carrier. The modules are specially packed to be soft, flexible, and thin enough to fit inside the plate pocket of your plate carrier between you and the plate.

Chinook Medical Gear is offering a Military and LE version of the kit. The only difference between them is the type of QuikClot Guaze that is included.

Check out the Military and Law Enforcement Armored Plate Carrier Medical Modules on ChinookMed.com.

Chinook Med Armor Module LE Contents

Ka-Bar TDI Master Key

Ka-Bar’s collaboration with TDI has been a successful one. Until now, most of their offerings haven’t strayed far from the original Ka-Bar TDI fixed blade. However, the Master Key is definitely a departure from their past offerings.


The Master Key is part knife, part pry bar, part nail puller, and part improvised face rearranging device. It is made from .25″ thick 1095 Cro-Van which is a steel that Ka-Bar is able to get the most out of in terms of toughness. Its design is not all that dissimilar from any flat pry bar on the market except for the cutting/chopping edge on one side. It also comes with very functional looking sheath.

This looks like a great addition to a BOB or vehicle emergency kit. Check out the Ka-Bar TDI Master Key at BladeHQ.

H2gO Water Purifier


The H2gO Water Purifier is a very slick little device that is currently being crowd funded at Indiegogo. While other purifiers are bulky and require components to be replaced over time, the H2g0 fits in the palm of your hand, weighs just 3.1 ounces, has an integral solar charger, and the only “part” that needs replacing over time is common salt. Impressive.

This is basically the next evolution of the now discontinued MSR MIOX. There is a ton more information to glean from the H2gO Indiegogo project site.

H2g0 Solar

Hat tip to the Patriotic Sheep Dog for the story.

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