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OV Innovations Cache – Available for Pre-order

The Cache, a “beavertail” accessory that is compatible with a variety of EDC and tactical backpacks, is now available for pre-order from OV Innovations. It features a bellowed design that allows it to lay flat when not in use but expand to hold large, bulky items. It is constructed with 500D Cordura and T-70 nylon thread.

This PALS compatible beavertail can be adjusted to fit a large variety of packs. OV Innovations states that the Cache “should fit any pack with at least 6 standard PALS columns on the face or bottom (near the face) and the appropriate upper anchor points.” I suspect that creative gear users will be able to find several ways to attach a gear item this versatile.

Check out the Cache at OV Innovations.


SKELETON Optics Sale at Chase Tactical

Chase Tactical is offering their line of SKELETON Optics eyewear at 15%, today through 6/25. You can use code SKELETON15 at checkout to save. Visit ChaseTactical.com.


10 Years of Tactical Stitchery – OC Tactical

OC Tactical is 10 years old this year. That is saying something in an industry where anyone with an Instagram account and a sewing machine can call themselves a gear maker.

Congrats on 10 years OC Tactical and here’s to 10 more!


Multicam PIG Glove Sale

SKD is offering 30% off their excellent Multicam PIG FDT Delta Utility Gloves when you buy two or more pairs today only. That is one of the better deals you will see on these gloves which are my favorite in the FDT Glove line.



Introducing the Wndsn Shot-Grouping-to-Moa Converter

Wndsn continues to round out their line of shooting calculation tools that require no batteries, minimal parts, and no electronics of any kind. Their latest tool is their Wndsn Shot-Grouping-to-Moa Converter.

From shot groupings to moa in one piece-of string operation with the Wndsn MOA Converter, making time at the range more effective.

Wndsn XPD, maker of low-tech, high-utility tools and instruments, proudly introduces the Wndsn MOA Converter designed to meet the needs of military and law enforcement, as well as gun enthusiasts and athletes. A tool for training and practice, the Wndsn MOA Converter enables the shooter to take out the guess work of calculating shot grouping MOA, eliminating mental calculation errors and increasing your success.

“What does my 1.85 inch shot grouping translate to in MOA on my 75 yard range?”

The double-sided tool provides two scales for shooting ranges up to 100 and 600 yards respectively and features twin scales for measurements both in inches and in cm for the shot grouping as well as yards and meters for the range distance. Both convert to MOA on the center scale.

With the objective of providing or enhancing “that, which can’t be improvised” in “low-probability, high-impact scenarios”, the MOA Converter expands on the Wndsn v1 Distance Meter, which did all the work except for one single calculation. Now with the newly designed line of metrology tools, you won’t need any calculation nor utilize battery power whatsoever through the use of even more elegantly baked-in trigonometry. Simply measure the shot groupings with the provided scale, then use the attached string to align the result with the distance of your range and read the resulting MOA. For hunters, enthusiasts, professionals, and athletes alike, the MOA Converter makes calculations effortless, increasing efficiency and speed while greatly decreasing error potential.

Available At:

The new line of metrology tools is available at https://store.wndsn.com/
Product page: https://store.wndsn.com/products/moa_conv_pack_01

“Identify your shooting mistakes without the need for a smartphone or other electronic and data devices”

The Wndsn XPD mission encompasses arcane science and cross-disciplinary exploration in the spirit of the age of discovery. Wndsn XPD stands for adventure, overcoming natural and man-made challenges, promoting self-reliance and mindfulness. Wndsn XPD develops and /or manufactures custom-built navigation instruments, multi-purpose tools, metrology & illumination solutions, expedition mementos, and morale patches; applying existing empirical knowledge to develop essential tools and techniques to fully experience contemporary adventures. The Wndsn XPD design philosophy strives to create accurate and meaningful, non-arbitrary designs inspired by Bauhaus architecture, obsessive about achieving non-random, iconic, strong geometric compositions. The guiding principle is to define a distinct visual language with a diverse vocabulary and grammar, across materials, media, and tools embracing simplicity, precision, clarity, and boldness. Intended function and materials dictate shape and form.

Alexander Becker
Wndsn XPD
Hasenheide 47 SFI/R
D-10967 Berlin


Chase Tactical Fathers Day Sale

Chase Tactical is celebrating dads by offering 20% off their entire site when you use the code DADROCKS (through 6/19). Check out ChaseTactical.com.


Chase Tactical Donates Body Armor to Belgrade Police Department

The officers of the Belgrade Police Department in Belgrade, Montana are a little safer on patrol these days. Chase Tactical donated level IV plates and carriers for the officer’s use.


Arbor Arms – “Old” Favorites with New Features

We recently posted about coming across a source for many of the great tactical nylon items that Ares Armor used to sell. The comments on that post quickly made it clear that the source of that gear should be approached with caution (thank you to those who commented). Many were also quick to point out Arbor Arms – the latest venture for Jonathan ZumMallen, the designer of many of those tactical nylon items at Ares Armor.

Arbor Arms has their own line of tactical gear that includes updated versions of their previous designs. The Flex Plate Carrier (PC) features many of the features found on Jonathan’s earlier design including the innovative Cobra buckle cummerbund attachment. It also features a heavy dose of new features. Jonathan told me that he acknowledges that the Flex PC has a high price tag which is why he also designed several cummerbund retrofit kits that can bring much of the Flex PC’s functionality to your existing PC.

Keep an eye on Arbor Arms


Remember All That Great Gear from Ares Armor?

Remember all the great gear that came out of Ares Armor? They had some very well made and well designed gear like the Combat XII Pack line with its ability to carry gear and externally accessible magazines on your plate carrier, or the Derma Plate carrier with its exclusive AustriAlpin COBRA closure system. I just learned that many of those items are still available through a company called American Weapon Components.

Ares Armor legacy gear at American Weapon Components

Save 20% for Fathers Day at Blue Force Gear

Now through Sunday, June 11, Blue Force Gear is offering 20% off their entire site when you use code DAD17 at checkout. BlueForceGear.com

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