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S2Delta Modular Tactical Sling

The design of the S2Delta Modular Tactical Sling or MTS allows it to transition from a 2″ strap for comfort to modular 1″ straps where it connects to the firearm. These user replaceable 1″ straps are available in a number of configurations and allows the MTS to fit a variety of rifles and shotguns.

The sling features coarse length adjustment on the 2″ strap section and a webbing tab that can be pulled to adjust the sling quickly. The 2″ to 1″ webbing adapters are made of steel for durability and there is a D-ring sewn into the rear portion of the sling that can be used with a CLASH Hook to create 2 t0 1 point sling functionality.

The MTS is made in the USA. You can learn more at S2Delta.com. They sell their slings via Amazon.


Open Call for Sneaky Bags Brand Ambassadors

Do you have what it takes to be a brand ambassador for Sneaky Bags? They are looking for people to represent their brand in their every day lives as well as on social media and other platforms. See the image below for details on how to apply.


Create Your Own Custom Vickers Sling!

I just spent way too long playing with Blue Force Gear’s new Custom Vickers Sling creation tool! This is too cool.

Want a Wolf Grey/Kryptek Typhon VCAS with QD Swivels? You can do that.

Want an all Multicam sling with a Safety Orange Pull Tab? It can be done!

Blue Force Gear’s new Custom Vickers Sling creation tool lets you customize every component and material on the sling all the way down to the sling hardware. You can even choose between regular or sewn-in sling attachment hardware. All of the options appear in a rendering at the top of the screen as you add them to your sling so you can see what it will look like before you get it in your grubby mitts.

Go have some fun with the Custom Vickers Sling creator at BlueForceGear.com.


CZ Scorpion EVO Double Mag Pouch from Crusader Gear

Crusader Gear was getting a lot of questions about whether their line of Ruger 10/22 BX-25 Magazine Pouches would fit magazines for the CZ Scorpion EVO so… They made a dedicated pouch for the Scorpion EVO mags. The new pouch is based on the design of their 10/22 magazine pouches but scaled specifically for the Scorpion EVO.

The pouches are constructed from 1000D Cordura Nylon. They hold 2 magazines and retain them via pull tabs (bungee retainers). The pouches are MOLLE compatible and meant to be used with MALICE Clips or a similar product. The front of the pouch features loop material for displaying patches or ID.

Check out the CZ Scorpion EVO Double Mag Pouch from Crusader Gear.


RMJ Tactical News: Death Dealer Battle Axe and Last of the Drop Forged Shrikes

There is a lot of news coming out of RMJ Tactical these days including a new axe inspired from an iconic work of art and an iconic tomahawk undergoing some changes.

The new Death Dealer Battle Axe should be instantly recognizable for those who are fans of artist Frank Frazetta. It is inspired directly from Frazetta’s well known painting, Death Dealer. This axe is a joint offering from RMJ Tactical and Frazetta Jr. Enterprises.

From RMJ Tactical’s product page:

Each of these axes is individually serial numbered on the neck with the Frazetta signature on the other side. The head of the axe features RMJ Tactical’s new Death Dealer Battle Ax Seal as well as the Frazetta Seal of Authenticity.

See the Death Dealer Battle Axe at RMJ Tactical.

From one icon to another… Frank Frazetta is an icon of fantasy art world and the RMJ Tactical Shrike and S13 are icons of the tactical tomahawk world. However, those iconic tomahawks are about to undergo some changes. RMJ Tactical is moving to a new shop and that new shop will come with new capabilities. The Shrike and S13 will no longer be drop forged. The next batch will be machined from billet like the rest of the RMJ Tactical line.

If you want a drop forged Shrike or S13, you better grab one from this current batch. See them at RMJ Tactical.


LALO Sale at Chase Tactical

LALO Footwear is on sale at Chase Tactical this weekend. They are offering the popular line of tactical and athletic shoes at 20% off! Use code LALO20 at checkout to save.

LALO at ChaseTactical.com


Blue Force Gear ULTRAcomp Pocket Holster Pre-Order

Blue Force Gear’s ULTRAcomp Pocket Holster was one of the coolest things at SHOT Show this year.

ULTRAcomp is a laminate material that is lightweight, abrasion resistant and very thin. It also happens to have a slightly tacky, rubbery texture on one side. All of that makes it perfect for pocket holsters especially when coupled with the stiffened wing that BFG designed into the holster. This wing serves to stabilize the handgun in the pocket and hook the pocket to ensure that the holster stays put during the draw stroke.

Due to the demand, Blue Force Gear has opened up pre-ordering for the ULTRAcomp Pocket Holster. It will be available for the following models initially:

  • Glock 42
  • Kimber Micro
  • Ruger LCP/LCP II
  • Sig P238/938

The holsters are expected to ship in early March. Check out the ULTRAcomp Pocket Holster at Blue Force Gear.

Whiskey Two Four ACRONYM Loop to PALS Adapter

You can check out the handy new ACRONYM Loop to PALS Adapter at Whiskey Two Four. It features a laser cut PALS field on one side and hook material on the other so you can use it to mount MOLLE pouches on loop material. It’s thin, light, and useful.

Whiskey Two Four Quick Adjust Ultra Light Carrying Strap

You may remember Whiskey Two Four’s previous version of the Ultra Light Carrying Strap. It was just what it sounds like… a very simple, very lightweight strap with no quick adjustment feature. The new version, the Quick Adjust Ultra Light Carrying Strap, is very much like the original but with the addition of a quick adjust slider.

The new version features the same 1/2″ webbing as the original and the same type of wide, laser cut nylon “pad”. I placed pad in quotation marks because there is no actual padding. It is just thin piece of material that is very wide to help bear the weight of the rifle.

The slider is very low profile. You just grab it with your support hand, then push to tighten or pull to loosen the sling. Everything about this sling is thin, light, and simple.

Check out the Quick Adjust Ultra Light Carrying Strap at Whiskey Two Four.

TRAC AR15 Mag Carrier from Henry Holsters

TRAC stands for Total Retention Adjustable Carrier and it is sure to appeal to the control freak in all of us. Henry Holsters designed this new carrier with 4 adjustment points (2 on each side) so that the wearer can precisely adjust the carrier for the exact retention level they prefer. They still managed to keep the mag carrier compact in spite of the 4 adjustment screws.

The TRAC AR15 Mag Carrier can be worn on the right or left side with no modification and it can accept any and all AR-15 magazines oriented either way. This means it is completely ambidextrous whether you like PMAGS oriented bullets forward, ARC mags oriented bullets back, or any other combination.

It can be configured at the point of purchase with a Tek-Lok or a paddle. The hole spacing allows for the use of a variety of belt hardware so the user can choose hardware to suit their needs.

Check out the TRAC AR15 Magazine Carrier at Henry Holsters.

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