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Emdom Flex Inner Belt

Emdom’s new Flex Inner Belt is now available. Like most inner belts, it offers plenty of loop material coverage for anchoring your duty or battle belt and the low profile closure ensures that there are no hotspots under heavy load bearing belts.

The Flex Inner Belt also has a number of interesting features that you do not typically see in other inner belts. The flex derives its name from the heavy duty elastic panel sewn into the back center of the belt. This panel helps ensure a comfortable fit. The belt also features several hidden pockets for storing items like cash or keys. It also features a Trelleborg HANK patch at the center back to help prevent the belt from sliding along with other HANK and Blue Force Gear UltraCOMP panels to prevent excess wear on Velcro parts.



Add Capacity and Organization to Your Tarahumara with PocketUp

The Hill People Gear Tarahumara is a unique pack in that it is very compact (about 900 cui) but has a harness system that can support loads far heavier than you can typically stuff into that small of a pack. This makes it something of a blank canvas for users and makers to develop ways to expands its capacity.

Mel Terkla of PocketUp recently showed how their pockets can be used to expand and organize the Tarahumara pack while still providing access to all compartments. Two Handy Pockets are hung from the upper tabs and compressed by the Tarahumara’s compression straps. These are PocketUp’s 1000D Handy Pockets but any of their large Handy Pockets would fit with the same proportions. There are plenty of hardware choices that can be used to hang the pouches in this manner like ITW GrimLocs or Slick Clips.

Additionally, he has attached a Mini Pod to the bottom of the pack. The Mini Pod would attach easily to the Tarahumara’s existing lower tabs, instantly adding compressible storage for items like light insulation or shell layers. We have previously discussed the Mini Pod here: Mini Pod on JTT

You can check out the full line of PocketUp pouches and packs at PocketUp.net.


Wilde Custom Gear Padded Laser Cut MOLLE Belt System

Wilde Custom Gear’s line of laser cut products is growing all the time. One of their latest is the laser cut version the classic padded battle belt – the Padded Laser Cut MOLLE Belt System.

This belt comes as a complete set including the inner and outer belts. The inner belt is worn as a pants belt and locks the outer belt in place with hook and loop.

The belt pad features a laser cut PALS grid on the entirety of its exterior surface. The outer layer can also be opened to allow direct access to the belt for mounting holsters or other sub loads. It features closed cell foam padding and loops for use with suspenders (not included).

Check out the growing line of laser cut gear at WildeCustomGear.com.


Night Camo Gear from Head On Tactical

Do you like Night Camo? Of course, you do. Would like like to know about Head On Tactical’s new line of Night Camo gear? Of course, you would.

Head On Tactical has sourced a limited amount of 30D ripstop polyester Night Camo material. They are going to put it to good use by making a few limited edition pieces of gear. The item is their CQB Action Rig mod 1 pattern chest rig.

This material is not quite as durable as typical 500D or 1000D Cordura so Head On Tactical has taken steps to mitigate that. The body of the chest rig is 500D Cordura with the 30D Night Camo material stitched over it. The PALS webbing is constructed by wrapping the Night Camo material around 1000D Cordura.

Keep an eye on Head On Tactical’s Night Camo page for more details and information about future limited gear items: Head On Tactical Night Camo


Blue Force Gear Hammock

The Blue Force Gear Hammock is more than just an April Fools joke. Sure, they put a banana in it and the jokes wrote themselves but now they are rolling it out as a real product with real utility.

The Hammock is used to carry a tourniquet or similarly shaped object while taking up minimal space and providing solid coverage on the tourniquet. It works with the gear you already have thanks to its unique hanger that has laser cut slots. These slots allow the Hammock to be woven into the MOLLE mounting elements on the back of the pouch. There are instructions for how to attach the Hammock on the Blue Force Gear website.



Esstac KYWI Adapters for Spiritus Systems Micro Fight Chest Rig – New from Wild Bill Tactical Nylon

The Spiritus Systems Micro Fight Chest rig has proven to be a versatile platform worthy of its own aftermarket. A number of other makers have developed items to expand the capabilities of the compact, modular chest rig. The most recent is Wild Bill Tactical Nylon.

Their upcoming KYWI Adapters are an extremely simple solution for mounting esstac KYWIs directly into the main pocket of the Micro Fight. The Velcro One-Wrap flaps can be placed between the KYWIs, locking them in place against the Micro Fights loop lined interior.

These adapters will be available soon. Visit the WBTactical website for more details.


Perroz Designs Adds Mini Elastic Cummerbund Option

Perroz Designs’ new Mini Elastic Cummerbund strikes a balance between low profile minimalism and versatile load carriage options. It’s only 2″ wide but it boasts the ability to carry items like radios, spare magazines, and more in its 6 cells. Each cell is equipped with an adjustable bungee retainer.

The Mini Elastic Cummerbund works with Perroz Designs’ LPSPC, MSPC, Tweave, and Soft Armor carriers. It can also work with many other plate carriers on the market.



Chase Tactical LVPC-M1 Package

Chase Tactical is offering a new plate carrier package at a special price. The package is based around their Low Visibility Plate Carrier and its everything you need to get this carrier up and running (except the armor).

Grab the new LVPC-M1 COMBO. Use Coupon Code LVPCM1 at checkout for 10% OFF.

The LVPC-M1 is a combination of our Low-Vis Plate Carrier and our Triple 5.56 Velcro Mag Pouch. The LVPC-M1 is a low profile slick plate carrier and fully adjustable on the shoulders for size. The sides are made from double layer Mil-Spec elastic and each side has 2 integrated internal pouches which can hold mags, tourniquets and/or radio. The sides are fully adjustable for girth by way of Velcro closure.

Key Features:

  • Removable cummerbund with Double Layer Mil-Spec Velcro
  • Removable Triple Velcro 5.56 Mag Pouch
  • 2 Internal Pouches on each side of Cummerbund
  • Fully adjustable shoulder straps
  • Large Velcro area for placards
  • Made with Mil-Spec IR Treated 500D Cordura
  • Mil-Spec IR Treated Murdock Webbing
  • All our Fabrics, Webbing, and Plastic Hardware are treated at source to deliver the lowest I.R. Signature possible.



Sneak Peek: Hill People Gear Snubby Recon Kit Bag

Hill People Gear gave a sneak peek of their upcoming Snubby Recon Kit Bag.

Just in case you don’t speak Kit Bag… “Snubby” refers to Hill People Gear’s smaller pattern Kit Bags for more compact handguns (up to a Glock 19 or similar in size). The “Recon” moniker means that it has PALS webbing on the front for attaching additional pouches.

This particular iteration of the Kit Bag fits the Bino Pouch so well that it will likely serve as a popular base for building a bino harness.

The Snubby Recon Kit Bag will be available soon. Check out the rest of the Kit Bag line at HillPeopleGear.com in the mean time.

Deep Dive on Gadsden Dynamics Chest Rig Updates

Gadsden Dynamics has just completed a massive update to their product line including new products and upgrades to existing products. Their chest rigs in particular have learned several new tricks.

You can learn more about the upgraded functionality by visiting the Gadsden Dynamics Blog. You’ll find product information along side other useful information that the armed citizen will find useful.


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