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Arbor Day Sale at Chase Tactical

Chase Tactical is celebrating Arbor Day the best way they know how and it’s not planting trees. They are cutting down… prices. You can save 15% when you use the code GOTWOOD through 5/1. Check out ChaseTactical.com.


Review: GunfightersINC Kenai Chest Holster Gen 2

I’ve professed my appreciation of the Kenai Chest Holster from GunfightersINC on these pages before. It is a handy holster to have if you spend time in places with large, sharp toothed critters wearing gear like a backpack or hip waders that hinder traditional carry methods. It is, in my opinion, the most modern and best iteration of a classic guide holster… Then GunfightersINC went and changed it!

Lucky for us, they made it better.

Better Holsters Through Better Manufacturing

To understand the improvements in this holster, you have to understand a little bit about how kydex holsters are made. The kydex is heated until it becomes pliable, then it is pressed over a form of some kind and allowed to cool. The kydex (or similar material) then hardens as it cools, retaining the imprint of the form. That is the basic overview but the exact ways all those steps are accomplished has changed over the years.

On the original Kenai, the two holster halves where molded over the form with blocking in place for things like slide stop levers, extended barrels, or anything else that either needed to be accommodated or that would foul the draw stroke. The holster was molded in two halves, roughly equal in depth, and joined together to make an entire holster. At some point, the part of the holster that received the shoulder strap would be reheated (this sometimes shows as a shiny spot on the kydex) to be slightly reshaped to receive the strap. The holster body was finished by polishing edges, adjusting fit, etc. GunfightersINC turned out great holsters using these methods.

GunfightersINC is now improving their processes from top to bottom. They are now machining their own custom molds and using vacuum forming to create their holster bodies. All of the improvements to their holsters have been made possible by these changes and the design flexibility, control, and definition that they make possible.

Original on left, Gen 2 on right

Kenai Chest Holster Gen 2 Improvements

The first thing you will notice when you look at both holster bodies is that the Gen 2 version has much better definition – the lines are more crisp. That translates to a cleaner looking holster and, more importantly, it also translates to improved retention, a smoother draw stroke, and a more distinct click-in/click-out. This kind of definition is really only possible with modern vacuum forming.

When you dive a little deeper, you see improved blocking and molding. My Gen 2 holster body is molded for a Glock 17 so you see things like a channel that allows the slide stop to run all the way out of the holster without touching anything, the slide lock area is no longer molded creating a potential unwanted drag on the draw stroke, the magazine release is partially shielded to prevent accidental release, and theĀ  retention pad in the trigger guard is large and made to a consistent depth.

If you dive deeper still, you’ll notice GunfightersINC taking full advantage of their new manufacturing processes to really get the most out of the Kenai Chest Holster. The accommodation of the shoulder strap is actually molded into the back plate of the holster. This saves a manufacturing step and creates a stronger, cleaner holster overall. Finally, the two halves of the Kenai area actually molded to different depths with the majority of the pistol being molded into the front panel of the holster. This allows the Kenai to lay flatter, closer, and more comfortably against the wearer.

Original on left, Gen 2 on right

Wrap Up

GunfightersINC didn’t just redesign a holster, they redesigned how they make the holster. The result is more control over the end product, easier accommodation of various options, and, most importantly, better holsters for the customer. You can expect to see these manufacturing improvements touching all the holster in the GunfightersINC line up.

See our review of the original Kenai Chest Holster for more information on its background and use. Check out GunfightersINC to learn more about the Kenai Chest Holster or purchase your own.


Armageddon Gear Precision Rifle Sling and Perfect Carbine Case Updates

Armageddon Gear recently rolled out an exclusive new flat bungee webbing. The new webbing has now found its way into their entire line of slings including their Precision Rifle Sling. The Precision Rifle Sling was already an excellent sling in use by several top competitors in PRS matches. The addition of the new flat webbing means it still has all the same functionality but with the added benefits of laying flat on the shooter and bearing weight even better than the original.

Armageddon Gear Precision Rifle Sling

The Perfect Carbine Case has also received an upgrade. It now features a high visibility liner to make finding small items in the large case easier.

Armageddon Gear Perfect Carbine Case


Chase Tactical 4/20 Sale

Save some green at Chase Tactical! They are offering 20% off for today, April 20th, only. Visit ChaseTactical.com to check out their selection of tactical gear. Use code 420 at checkout to activate the savings.



DoorJamm is an easier to carry access control device for preventing doors and gates from closing behind you. It’s simple, flat form is constructed from stretchable, abrasion resistant material that allows it to be stretched onto the door knob on both sides of the door, blocking the latch.

A stack of DoorJamms takes up less space in a pocket or bag than a single wedge and is easier and more effective than an improvised item like tape or a business card. It stays in place until you retrieve it and is reusable.

DoorJamms are available for individual sales, department sales, and wholesale to uniform and tactical gear shops. Check out DoorJamm.com.


PHLster Flatpack High-Viz Deployment Tabs

PHLster’s Flatpack tourniquet holder continues to learn new tricks. Its latest is the addition of accessory High-Viz Deployment Tabs. These red, laser cut Hypalon tabs come in kit form consisting of 3 tabs and replacement shock cord. The tabs serve as a visual indicator of the life saving payload carried by the Flatpack and act as an aid for releasing the tourniquet from the carrier.

They can be strung onto the carrier in at least two ways: 1 on each shock cord retention loop or 1 connecting both shock cord retention loops so that both can be pulled at the same time. You may even find other ways to use them.

Check out the PHLster Flatpack High-Viz Deployment Tabs


Spiritus System Rifle Single Insert

Spiritus Systems has introduced a new single rifle magazine insert for use with their Micro Fight Chassis Mk 3. The new single insert can be used to add a single rifle mag along side their double pistol mag inserts or in any other situation that you might want to add an extra mag to your Micro Fight Chassis Mk3.

It is also noteworthy that the Rifle Single Inserts are compatible with Unity Tactical’s CLUTCH Belt. The Rifle Single Insert is available for 5.56 and 7.62 caliber rifle magazines.

Rifle Single Insert at Spiritus Systems


Redwire Gear MK82 Pouch

Redwire Gear’s MK82 Pouch is a blow out pouch that designed to be worn on the back of a belt. This is a compact, low profile pouch designed to hold a chest seal, 4″ compression bandage, TK4L TQ, and hemostatic gauze. It can be accessed by either of the wearer’s hands by simply pulling down to release the insert that holds the first aid items. Once free from the pouch, the insert may be used or handed off to someone else who needs it.

The MK82 Pouch is designed for belt carry but it offers a number of carry options in addition to the lower back position for which it is designed. In its standard form, it is fully MOLLE compatible for use on a “battle belt” or any other MOLLE compatible surface. Red Wire Gear offers accessory injection molded belt clips for mounting the MK82 on a standard belt. Its compact dimensions also make it easy to stow in a range bag or pack.

Check out the MK82 Pouch at Redwire Gear.


Velocity Systems Brings Back Multicam BOSS Rugby… With a Change

Velocity System just brought the Multicam BOSS Rugby back to market with a change. The new Multicam BOSS Rugby shirts will feature the same 83% Nylon/17% Spandex blend fabric as the solid color shirts.

BOSS Rugby at Velocity Systems

Easter Sale at Chase Tactical

You can save 20% at Chase Tactical during their Easter Sale. The discount is available today (4/13) through Easter (4/16). Visit ChaseTactical.com and use code EASTERBUNNY at checkout.

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