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Hill People Gear V2 Original Kit Bag SAR Version

Search and Rescue professionals have been using chest harnesses and Hill People Gear Kit Bags to keep their vital gear close at hand for years. Now they can rely on a new SAR specific version of the Kit Bag – the V2 Original Kit Bag SAR Version.

The SAR Kit Bag was designed with input from instructors at Randall’s Adventure and Training. It features 500D nylon construction in the internationally recognized red. It is based on the V2 Original Kit Bag and retains all of the features. It also adds a loop field on the front for patches, ID, or organizing small gear and a diagonal PALS webbing field (2 rows, 3 columns) for mounting knives, radios, or other tools.


Note: The new V2 Original Kit Bag SAR Version is sold out at Hill People Gear but it is currently in stock at 5col Survival Supply.


Unity Tactical CLUTCH Belt in Multicam

Unity Tactical’s CLUTCH Belt is currently available in Multicam. According to Unity Tactical, the stretch material used in the creation of the CLUTCH is rarely available in Multicam so this is an extremely limited run. It may be a long time before they are available again… if they are EVER available again. As of the time of this writing, all three sizes are in stock.



Chase Tactical – Warrior Assault Systems LIQUIDATION Sale!

Sales are great. Sales where you get a discount on already discounted goods are eve better. That is exactly what is happening at Chase Tactical this weekend. They are blowing out their Warrior Assault Systems gear to make room for their new USA made line of gear. Use code WAS12 from now through 8/13 to save 12% off already discounted prices.



Hill People Gear Aston House Backcountry Multicam Limited Run

Hill People Gear has a limited run of Aston House Backcountry packs in stock right now. These limited runs rarely last long, so if you want one, don’t wait.

Hill People Gear Aston House Backcountry


Gadsden Dynamics Adds Tourniquet Carrier Option to Chest Rigs

Gadsden Dynamics is now offering a tourniquet carrier options for all of their chest rigs. The elastic carrier hangs below the center of the chest rig. It’s central location and open ends allow the tourniquet to be placed so that it may be accessed from either side. This $10 addition is selected at the time of purchase and it is color matched to the chest rig.



Video: Beez Combat Systems Short Barrel Scabbard GRID

Beez Combat Systems released a new video showing the features and function of their Short Barrel Scabbard GRID. This scabbard features their lightweight, laser cut, MOLLE-compatible GRID material and is perfect for carrying shorter shotguns like those equipped with Shockwave grips.



Whiskey Two-Four 03 Omni Lite Plate Carrier Hanger Bag

Maybe you saw the recent post about the versatile WTF Omni 02 Bag and thought, “It looks great but I don’t need the MOLLE backing and waist/shoulder strap functions. I just want to use it as a plate carrier or chest rig hanger bag.” Well, I have good news. Whiskey Two-Four just released their 03 Omni Lite Plate Carrier Hanger Bag.

The new 03 Omni is similar to the 02 but it shaves weight and cost by simplifying all the mounting options. The new 02 Omni Light Plate Carrier Hanger Bag is not MOLLE compatible and isn’t designed to accept a shoulder/waist strap. It has a hook flap that allows it to be placed below the cummerbund flap on a plate carrier or under the hook and loop backing of some chest rigs.

Learn more at WTFIdea.com

Edgar Sherman Designs Rifle Support Bag

The Rifle Support Bag, from Edgar Sherman Designs, is exactly what it sounds like. This versatile rifle bag can be used a number of ways including as a rear support bag under the stock, looped onto the forend of your rifle as a barricade rest, and more.

The bag is made with a flexible fabric that allows to the stretch and conform to your hand and the rifle. It includes an elastic strap for placing over your hand or the forend of your rifle. It’s asymmetric fill media holds its shape better than typical round media and it includes two webbing loops for tying the Rifle Support Bag onto your stock.


Armageddon Gear Military Products Updates and Lower Prices

Armageddon Gear has supplied the rifle cases for the M2010 and CSASS programs for several years now. They have offered the exact same cases to the commercial market as well. The downside of this is that those items carried hefty price tags.

Armageddon Gear knows that not every user needs the same number or configuration of pouches and pockets as the military so they have streamlined the cases. The new cases are more simple without the internal modular pockets but more modular and they cost significantly less! Shooters can still add any MOLLE style pouch to the internal PALS webbing within the cases, but now they don’t have to pay for pouches they might not need.

The cases are still made from the same materials and with the same level of quality.

The price of the M2010 case has been reduced by $100: https://www.armageddongear.com/M2010-Precision-Rifle-Case-USGI

The price on the SASS case has been reduced by $40: https://www.armageddongear.com/SASS-Precision-Rifle-Case

RE Factor Tactical RDX Helmet Cover

RE Factor Tactical’s RDC Helmet Cover is now available. This helmet cover boasts a slick integral counter weight system with included slim 1 LB plates along with several other feaures.

From RE Factor Tactical:

The RDX Helmet Cover is specifically designed to be an all encompassing helmet cover. Made from heavy-duty nylon and polyester mesh material, the cover incorporates an integrated counterweight system with slim 1lb metal weights. The counterweight pouch also includes a large outer velcro panel and retention strap for securing NVG battery packs. Velcro retention flaps on each side are used to secure cables and can also be used for adhering patches. The top of the cover boasts a large verticle velcro strip adhering IR patches/lights and includes a mesh/paracord inset on each side for attaching foliage, chemlights, or guiding wires.

  • 1lb counterweight system w/battery pack attachment
  • Side cable retention flaps/patch panels
  • Verticle velcro panel
  • Mesh/paracord verticle insets
  • Made in the USA – 100% Berry Compliant

Check out the new RDX Helmet Cover at REFactorTactical.com.

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