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WTF Introduces Bag 07 in M81

Whiskey Two-Four is excited to offer our Bag 07 in M81 woodland camo.  
Just $32 and 3.5oz / 100g.  Bag 07 is lined with hook and loop to accommodate compatible inserts.  Part of the PIMPS (Practical Integrated 
Modular Platform, Scalable) family, Bag 07 is compatible with numerous 
armor and load carrying systems.

WTF products are made in the USA from mil-spec, Berry compliant materials by fairly compensated skilled labor in a climate controlled environment with the latest equipment.



BCS APTUM Series – Plate Carrier

There is a new, adaptable plate carrier on the market as of this morning. The APTUM from Beez Combat Systems (BCS) is now available along with an entire suite of accessories that will let the end user match their mission perfectly. This is the first in a series of posts that will cover the new PC and its related items in depth.

The APTUM™ is an adaptable plate carrier system designed for multi-faceted operations for Military, Law Enforcement and the Responsible Citizen. The carrier is highly scalable and can be configured for low vis operations up to high threat. The front panel design emphasis was on comms/data attachment points and cable management. The APTUM™ accessories line is continually evolving to meet user demands.

The APTUM is constructed from 500D Cordura with HEXCEL in key places and extensive use of BCS’ laser cut GRID material. The result is a plate carrier that is lightweight and low profile but can be easily scaled up for more overt situations and heavier loads.

The front plate pocket features laser cut cable routing and attachment points for chest rig docking. The APTUM has a large upper loop field for attaching patches, ID, or accessories and a lower loop field for accessory mounting. It also features a kangaroo pocket that can be used for mag carriage with the addition of optional accessories. Additionally, it supports the Juggernaut™/Kagwerks smartphone attachment system.

The APTUM comes with the Covert back plate pocket. Additional backs are available. The Covert back has a mostly slick design. The large loop field allows for patches or ID.

The included elastic cummerbund is designed to be comfortable and functional. It consists of 4 cells per side that can be used to carry a variety of items including 5.56 and 7.62 magazines thanks to its elastic construction.

Stay tuned as we dive deep on the APTUM over the coming weeks. You can check out the APTUM and its expanding suite of accessories at BeezCombatSystems.com.


CORDURA® Military Truelock Fiber – HLC Industries Inc

HLC Industries Inc is offering an in-stock program of Solution Dyed Cordura Fabrics in both 500D and 1000D, in the following colors: Coyote 498 / Black / Ranger Green / Tan 499 / Wolf Gray.

Please contact peter@hlcindustries.com for Pricing and Sample Swatch Booklets.



No M81 Loop Velcro? No Problem.

I thought this was interesting. Head On Tactical would typically use OD green loop on their M81 V4 Packs but a customer recently asked them to replace the OD green loop with Multicam Black… and it somehow it works.

Head On Tactical V4 Pack


Wilde Custom Gear CZ Scorpion EVO Triple Magazine Pouch

Wilde Custom Gear just released their newest pouch. Their CZ Scorpion EVO Triple Magazine Pouch is designed to hold three 30 round magazines in the same amount of space as most double AR-15 mag pouches. It makes use of their laser cut material to full MOLLE compatibility across the front of the pouch while still remaining trim and low profile when the grid is not in use.

The open top pouch deign features bungee with pull tab retention. It can be attached to any MOLLE compatible surface via the included MALICE Clips.



Parametrek.com – The Parametric Gear Search Engine

Prepare to lose an hour (or more) of your time today because you are about to drop down a gear-laden rabbit hole. Paramatrek.com is a gear search engine that allows users to search for specific gear by entering the parameters that they desire. The website has search engines set up for a number of different gear items like sleeping bags, sleeping pads, multitools, and more. They are all great but the one I have found most useful recently was the flashlight search.

I was looking for a flashlight that could serve as a compact spotlight around JTT HQ. It was easy to enter the candela numbers I wanted (measure of beam intensity), the battery type and number I prefer, and select the output. That is just scratching the surface of the available parameters (there are 24 in total). As you add or change parameters, the list of matching lights updates in real time.

This is a very powerful tool that puts a lot of information at your fingertips and allows you to make apples-to-apples comparisons very quickly. The databases appear to be kept up to date in a very timely manner and there are a ton of brands represented.

Check out Parametrek.com.


Wilde Custom Gear Redesigns Active Shooter Bag

Wilde Custom Gear’s updated Active Shooter Bag boasts a number of features including:

  • Three adjustable flap magazine pouches that can fit two rifle magazines in each pouch
  • Rear slit pocket covered with laser cut MOLLE loop Velcro that can fit most pistols with interior loop velcro lining for attachment of velcro backed pistol holsters
  • Laser Cut MOLLE webbing on each end
  • Full Laser Cut MOLLE loop velcro interior lining for attachment of velcro backed and MOLLE accessories
  • Full-length heavy-duty adjustable webbing strap with quick detach buckles for easy grab and go deployment

The redesigned Active Shooter Bag is available now at WildeCustomGear.com.

New QD sling from SOB Tactical

Introducing the new Sheriff of Baghdad MFQD swivel B-Sling 

June 3, 2019 – SOB Tactical is proud to announce the latest addition to the B-sling line up, the new MFQD. The MFQD, (Movement Free Quick Detach) swivel solves the problem of excessive movement common to nearly all QD swivels on the market. The MFQD Swivel is available now at SOBTactical.com. 

When QD swivels were first repurposed from the sporting market to the tactical world, they retained the “swivel” loop attachment commonly used on rifles for the last 100 years. This movable bail swings like a bucket handle, and has been prone to failure under load and heavy use. If the movable bail loop fails, the release button will eject and will lose its ball bearings rendering the entire QD is useless. Shrek has seen this failure occur numerous times, and has separated the working systems to insure less failures by making it an unbreakable one piece.  Additionally, when slinging a carbine to go hands-free and releasing positive control of the weapon, the weight and position of the weapon shifts and sags with the legacy design. This unwanted movement is greatly reduced by the MFQD.  

Constructed from Billet 7075 T6 Aluminum and Milspec Anodized, the MFQD features a single, solid body construction that follows the profile of the weapon. The unique triangular shape is rounded and streamlined to reduce snags, and sits low to the weapon wherever attached. Internally, the MFQD features tempered stainless steel bearings and release spring for longevity, reliability and corrosion resistance.  

“Our new MFQD is specially designed for combat arms of all types,” said John “Shrek” Mcphee, owner of The Sheriff of Baghdad Tactical. “We developed the smartest solution to the movement challenge of every other QD swivel on the market.” Paired with the classic SOB Tactical B-sling, the new MFQD swivel creates a winning combo. McPhee has been developing B-slings for more then 20 years, each one with the gunfighter in mind. From Bosnia to Iraq and Afghanistan, the B-Sling has proven itself countless times on the battlefield.  “Our new B-sling with MFQD swivel is simple, practical and uses minimal materials to keep the weight and bulk down unlike the many ‘over engineered’ sling designs that have flooded the market in recent years,” continued McPhee. 

Versatile enough for any rifle, it is extremely intuitive to use allowing quick adjustments with your non-firing hand using the lanyard release equipped buckle. With this design, the adjustment buckle remains in the exact same position regardless of how loose or tight the sling is, so you’ll never have to search for it or take your eye off target. Simply pull the free end near the lanyard towards your body to tighten. Grab the lanyard and push rifle to firing position to loosen and shoot. The MFQD B-sling employs “Quick to shoot” (Q2S™) technology as this is the most important function of any rifle sling in combat, to get the weapon back into the fight instantly from an administrative mode of carry.   

The new MFQD is available now at sobtactical.com, in Black, Coyote, Ranger Green, Multicam and Multicam Black, with more colors coming soon. Each sling comes with a color matched combat band for sling stowage. For dealer and distributor inquiries, please contact sales@sobtactical.com All B-slings are made with pride in America with 100% Berry compliant materials, by Americans who are blind.

Learn more here! 

Beez Combat Systems Shotgun Single Pouches

Beez Combat Systems (BCS) is now offering a line of Shotgun Single Pouches that are designed to hold a single 10 or 12 round shotgun magazine. The pouches are available in either an open or closed version. Both pouches are made from BCS’ lightweight, laser cut, GRID material and make use of their GRIDLOK attachment system. The open top version features bungee retention while the close top version is retained with a flap.


Gadsden Dynamics Clearance Sale

I’ve been following Gadsden Dynamics’ work for a long time and I can’t remember them ever holding a clearance sale… Until now. They have several of their best known items like Enhanced War Belts and various chest rigs marked way down as they transition to their new styles.

If you want some great deals, you will need to act fast. Some of these items have already sold out.


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