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IC13 Arms & Accessories INVRT Bandoleer

The new INVRT Bandoleer from IC13 Arms & Accessories is new take on the bandoleer concept. The INVRT Bandoleer was designed in collaboration with Lunar Concepts and really blurs the line between more simple bandoleers and full on load carriage options like chest rigs.

The INVRT is completely ambidextrous and is designed to be quick to don and doff. It allows the user to simply pass the single shoulder strap over their head and onto their opposite shoulder (like you would with 2 point rifle sling) and immediately have a load carriage solution that is stable enough to fight from. The INVRT can be further stabilized by buckling a sternum strap if time allows.

The end user can attach MOLLE compatible pouches (IC13 offers a full suite of them as an upgrade or for purchase seperately) to the main 6 column by 2 row PALS webbing field or to the 1 column by 3 row PALS fields on the shoulder straps. Magazine pouches attached to the main PALS webbing field will ride high on the user’s chest so that the magazine pouches may be attached inverted (hence the name).

The INVRT Bandoleer is available on its own, with a full quite of pouches (2 rifle mag, 1 pistol mag, 1 med pouch), or complete with pouches and a fully stocked med kit. You can check it out at IC13Arms.com.


Sneak Peek: Beez Combat Systems AR and AK Magazine Shingle GRID

Beez Combat Systems (BCS) offers a line of MOLLE mountable magazine shingles to support most popular rifles. These shingles utilize BCS’ slick internal magazine pocket design for a low profile and uninterrupted MOLLE compatible mounting space. BCS is in the process of updating many of their products with their new laser cut, MOLLE compatible GRID technology and the AK and AR Magazine Shingles GRID will be some of the next products to receive the update. Stay tuned for details.



Veterans Day Sale at Chase Tactical

Chase Tactical is offering a discount on everything in their store this Veterans Day weekend. Use code HONOR15 to save 15% this weekend at ChaseTactical.com.


Sneak Peek: Gadsden Dynamics Shotgun Wasp Rig

Gadsden Dynamics gave us a sneak peek of a shotgun specific version of their Wasp Rig that will be available in the near future. The new rig features the same admin/IFAK pouch found on all Wasp Rigs. It also features a single pistol magazine pouch and 12 elastic loops that can be used to carry 12 gauge shotgun shells.

You can check out current Wasp Rig variations at Gadsden Dynamics. Stay tuned for more details on the shotgun version.


Essentials Carrier 2 and ShoulderSavers mk3 Released By Mission Spec

Mission Spec has released their second generation of the Essentials Plate Carrier as the Essentials Carrier 2 (EC2).  This new version shares the ultra-light profile of its predecessor, the EOC.  Weighing in at only 24.9 ounces and constructed from 1000D CORDURA (500D for MultiCam; Black, Arid, Tropic).

All of the great features of the EOC carry over to the new model. Abilities such as the independent height adjustment of the rear plate bag.  A full uninterrupted PALS grid. Moisture wicking spacer mesh against the user’s body.

The list of updates includes; native support for industry standard chest rigs, dual tourniquet holders, dual pen/chem-light storage, cable and hydration routing options, rear light-pack hangers, and simulated PALS sewn into the new semi-elastic side straps for improved MOLLE pouch support.

The EC2 is fully compatible with other Mission Spec products such as the FlankSavers, ShoulderSavers (all versions), and other future products.  Inserted armor (not included) is always kept at the highest possible position inside of the plate bags due to the EC2’s armor suspension system.  Just like the EOC, all armor weight bypasses the CORDURA layer and is loaded directly onto the internal webbing structure.

The ShoulderSavers have also received improvements with the mk3 version and are available alongside the EC2.  Improved cable and hydration management along with other tweaks make the ShoulderSavers much more useful to the user.  The ShoulderSavers mk3 can be used with many other plate carriers as long as the shoulder straps are equal to or less than 2” in width.

Both items are available in the entire line of standard colors and patterns offered by Mission Spec.  Custom colors and patterns along with other customizations are possible on a case by case basis. Contact Mission Spec if these services are needed. The EC2 and ShoulderSavers mk3 are 100% designed, tested, and manufactured in the United States with US sourced components and are Berry Compliant.



Disruptive Combat Pant Coyote Brown Pre-Order at Chase Tactical

The value priced, feature-heavy Disruptive Combat Pant from Chase Tactical was previously only available in Multicam. However, there was demand for solid color options so they are now opening pre-orders for Coyote Brown now with OD green in the works for a later date. If there is enough interest, they may also begin producing these pants in Multicam Black.

You can save 20% if you use code DISRUPTIVE at checkout: ChaseTactical.com


New Aston House BC Pack from Hill People Gear

The Hill People Gear Aston House BC (Back Country), a back country pack based on the original Aston House Pack, is now available. The Aston House BC is similar in size and foot print to the original Aston House but it has less organization features and a more substantial chassis which, coupled with the Aston House’s compression features, allow this pack to carry anything from small daypack loads to heavier overnight loads.

The Aston House BC has a beefier suspension that includes a full frame sheet and dual aluminum stays. It comes with Hill People Gear’s excellent shoulder harness and can accept the Recon or Prairie Belt (belt not included).

The panel loading main compartment is completely lined with First Spear’s 6/12 material so you can add MOLLE or hook backed pouches. The main compartment can be accessed via the panel zipper or top and bottom zippers. The front panel of the pack features a full height slot pocket on the exterior and a mesh slip pocket on the inside. The exterior sides of Aston House BC have dual wand pockets similar to those found on other Hill People Gear packs.

The Aston House BC also comes with the Aston Panel, a MOLLE compatible compression panel that is made from First Spear’s 6/12 Laminate material (loop material bonded to hypalon). The panel can be used to compress the pack and carry gear like skis, a snow shovel, bulky clothing layers, and more.

Check out the Aston House BC at Hill People Gear.

New from SB Tactical: SB-MAG20 and SB-SAC

Now you can put the void in your SB Tactical Brace to good use. SB Tactical has introduced a series of pouches designed to fit the arm channel of their braces.

The SBMAG-20 is an injection molded polymer magazine carrier for 20 round AR-15 magazines that is designed to be anchored by the arm strap. It can hold a wide variety of 20 round AR-15 magazines including aluminum GI, Magpul PMAG, and Lancer L5AWM 20 round magazines (and likely others). SB Tactical states that the SBMAG-20 is designed for the SBM4™, SOB™, and SB15™ (SBX™ and SBX-K™ compatible with included 1″ replacement strap).

Grey Ghost Gear collaborated with SB Tactical to create the SB-SAC. The hypalon pouch may be mounted inside or on the outside of the brace. It is large enough to store a variety of items including a CAT tourniquet. The SB-SAC is available in black or FDE.

Check out the new line of pouches at SB-Tactical.com.

Review: Snake Eater Tactical IWB Magazine Pouches

I recently purchased a Glock 43 for concealed carry. Given the limited capacity of the little single stack 9mm, it seemed prudent to pick up a spare magazine carrier to go with it. I was dismayed to find that most of the magazine carriers I found were larger and bulkier than I expected for a handgun that is designed to be concealed. Then I remembered the Snake Eater Tactical IWB Magazine Pouch.


The Snake Eater Tactical (SET) IWB Magazine Pouch is a magazine pouch that, in spite of it’s name, can be used for inside or outside the waist band carry. It is constructed from heavy duty elastic for the magazine pouch itself. It also has a sewn on belt loop made of ONE-WRAP and a backer made from laser cut material allowing the user to convert the pouch for OWB use by routing the loop through the backer.

The pouch will accept and retain a wide variety of magazines. It works with slimmer, single stack magazines like 1911 mags. It works with full size double stack magazines like a Glock 17 0r 22. I was even able to squeeze Glock 21 magazines into them without too much effort, though that is likely the limit. It also works with magazines that are significantly shorter than the pouch itself like Glock 43 or 26 magazines which is how I use them most of the time.

Observations from Use

These are the best inside the waistband magazine pouches I have used. They are deceptively simple in their design but the materials used and construction methods are very efficient. Everything serves a functional purpose.

Versatility – These will hold a ton of different types of magazines (or flashlights, knives, etc). Unlike most universal solutions, the SET IWB Magazine Pouches will actually RETAIN a ton of different types of magazine thanks to how well the elastic grips the magazines. Being able to route the belt loop through the backer to create an OWB pouch is another versatile feature.

Comfort – That same elastic that grips the magazines, also ensures that the pouch is extremely thin and comfortable to wear. Basically, the pouch is barely larger than the magazine it is holding and the stretched out elastic wraps tightly over the contents of the pouch, softening of any hard edge.

The ONE-WRAP belt loop is sewn to the pouch at the top only. This allows the pouch to flex and move with the wearer, further improving comfort.

Ease of Use – The ONE-WRAP belt loop is extremely easy to take on and off your belt. You can place it anywhere you want on your belt without having to remove the magazine from the pouch or opening your belt. It is far easier to deal with than a pull-the-dot type loop and it adjusts to nearly any size belt without having to trim the loop (though it is easily trimmed if you need to).

Retention – These magazine pouches offer excellent retention. They grip the magazine tightly enough that it will never come out but release it quickly when you draw it. They don’t have the click in/click out feeling of kydex. It is more of a consistent friction feeling when drawing a magazine from the pouch.

Affordability – These pouches are made in the USA and cost $15. You can’t even find an over-seas produced, injection molded abomination of a magazine carrier for $15. Even if you can, it won’t be this versatile or comfortable.

There is one potential downside to these pouches (and really most elastic magazine pouches on the market). It is very difficult to insert a magazine with one hand. If you are looking for a pouch that you can use to retain a magazine during a “tactical reload” this isn’t it. That isn’t an issue for me since I have pockets.

Wrap Up

You are getting a whole lot of versatility, functionality, and comfort for your $15. As I said earlier in the article, the Snake Eater Tactical IWB Magazine Pouches are the best inside the waist band magazine pouches I have ever used.

IWB Magazine Pouches at SnakeEaterTactical.com

Disclosure: This pouch was provided free of charge for review by Snake Eater Tactical.

Arbor Arms Laser Cut FLEX Assaulter Plate Carrier

Arbor Arms has released their new FLEX Assaulter Plate Carrier. The new carrier makes extensive use of laser cut material to create a carrier that is fully MOLLE compatible, streamlined, and extremely light in weight (1.87 pounds).

The FLEX Assaulter Plate Carrier comes with Arbor Arms’ FLEX Cummerbund. This cummerbund makes their plate carriers extremely easy to don and doff thanks to its use of AustriAlpin Cobra buckles. It also hugs the body of the wearer due to its woven MOLLE elastic construction.

Check out the FLEX Assaulter Plate Carrier at Arbor Arms.

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