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More Intel on the Upcoming Hill People Gear Capture Flap

Hill People Gear added the Capture Flap to their website after last week’s tease. It can not be ordered yet but we now have a new image of the back/connectors and a more complete understanding of its features.

From Hill People Gear:

The Capture Flap is a PALS cut, beaver tail style accessory, that can mount to any HPG pack and packs of other manufacturers. You can mount PALS pouches on the front, and either PALS or velcro pouches on the back.

The Capture Flap is mounted via G-hooks that connect to the webbing tabs on our packs. The top of the flap comes with an adjustable amount of webbing to loosen or tighten the flap against the pack.

See it at HillPeopleGear.com


The “OG” – Optimized Gamechanger from Armageddon Gear

The Gamechanger, designed Reasor Precision Solutions and produced by Armageddon Gear, is a thoroughly modern shooting bag that is usually made from thoroughly modern materials. Modern materials like 1000D nylon are fine but if you want a bag that stands out and takes on character, you might want to try a throwback material like waxed canvas. That’s right… waxed canvas.

The new “OG” – Optimized Game Changer is a throwback to the earliest iterations of Reasor Precision Solutions’ Game Changer designs and it available in two different colors of waxed canvas. The OG has the same great versatile shape that lets you stabilize your rifle on a variety of irregular surfaces like barricades, fenceposts, and window openings. It also has the same consistent fill that shooters expect from the Game Changer. It has handles at both ends but lacks the Velcro straps found on the more modern Game Changer.

Check out the “OG” – Optimized Game Changer at Armageddon Gear.com.


Ripstay – MOLLE Faster

Ripstay claims to be the “Fastest MOLLE system in the world”.

The design of these kydex MOLLE aapters allows for pouches to be threaded quickly which is true of many stick or stay style MOLLE adapters. Ripstay’s biggest advantage is how they have linked the vertical stays with a bar that allows the user to remove a pouch instantly by pulling all of the stays at once.

This is a simple and clever system with several potential uses. It would be handy for pouches that you may want to remove from your kit in an emergency such as first aid gear. It could also be used to simply make your gear more quickly and easily configurable – like swapping a 5.56 magazine shingle for a 7.62 shingle.

Ripstays are available for pre-order now at Ripstay.com.


Custom M81 Tradesman SALT Belt from Arbor Arms and Whiskey Two-Four

Whiskey Two-Four’s proprietary ACRONYM laminate material is available in M81 and Arbor Arms recently put that fact to good use. They created some custom Tradesman SALT Belts. In one cool product you have modern materials and construction methods like laser cut laminate material right along side a classic camo pattern. It’s a good time to be a gear head!

If you want something like this, it might require some leg work. This was a completely custom project but the materials are available. Maybe you could sweet talk your way into one.

Whiskey Two-Four ACRONYM

Arbor Arms Tradesman SALT Belt


Teaser: Hill People Gear Capture Flap

Hill People Gear dropped a tasty teaser image today. The image is our first look at the Capture Flap, a laser cut beavertail/tailgate for HPG packs (and others). The compact, lightweight tailgate should be able to attach to several packs and features a laser cut MOLLE compatible grid for affixing additional pouches.

The teaser image shows the Capture Flap mounted on the Conner Pack/Pocket. Stay tuned for additional details.



4th of July Sale at Chase Tactical

Use up the last of your fireworks and save some money this weekend at Chase Tactical. You can save 20 percent when you use the code FREEDOM through 7/9.



Gadsden Dynamics Vehicle Headrest MOLLE Panel

The new Vehicle Headrest MOLLE Panel is now available to pre-order from Gadsden Dynamics. This panel actually started life as a custom order but there was significant interest so it will be added to Gadsden Dynamic’s regular lineup.

The panel features a 4 column by 3 row PALS webbing grid. There is loop material sewn over the webbing to allow use with hook backed pouches and items like tear off med pouches. The panel is secured to the head rest with 4 adjustable webbing straps which allow it to fit a wide variety of head rests.

Check out the Vehicle Headrest MOLLE Panel at GadsdenDynamics.com.


4th of July Sale at GunfighterINC

GunfightersINC is running a 4th of July Sale. Sale runs from July 3rd  – July 8th. Use the Coupon Code “July4th2018” at checkout for 15% off discount. www.gunfightersinc.com/shop


More News From Chase Tactical

Chase Tactical continues to tease us with images of new products in their soon to be released line of USA-made tactical gear. The latest two images show the Modular Enhanced Armor Carrier (MEAC) and the Lightweight Operational Plate Carrier (LOPC).

These, and the rest of the line, will be available in about 4 weeks. Stay tuned for more details.


Chase Tactical MEAC

Chase Tactical LOPC


A Very… Special… IC13 INVRT

You’ve seen the IC13 INVRT Bandoleer on these pages before but you’ve never seen one quite like this…

I am struggling for words here. On one hand, I am repulsed but can’t seem to look away. On the other hand, I am impressed by the level of coordination and attention to detail it take to source rainbow webbing and matching purple loop material. I don’t know if I am horrified or impressed… or both.

Fortunately, the INVRT is available in some more subdued colors. You can check it out at IC13Arms.com.


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