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VEIL Solutions Pocket Carry Strut

VEIL Solutions has developed a pointed strut that bolts on to their standard Apex and Ghost holsters without modification to convert the holster to pocket carry configuration. The strut serves to ensure that the handgun and holster stay upright in the pocket and to catch the pocket so the holster breaks free of the handgun during your draw stroke.

The real limiting factor of a setup like this is the size of your pockets. It seems to be especially well suited to VEIL Solutions’ very compact VS Ghost Holster for the Glock 42.

veil pocket strut

VEIL Solutions Rhino Lined Holster

I have used kydex holsters that have had fabric, usually Cordura, laminated to the exterior of the holster. This is usually done to apply camouflage to the holster but has the secondary benefit of quieting the holster a bit. It deadens the creaks, clicks, and various other noises that kydex holsters can make. Now, don’t run out and glue fabric to your holsters. The sounds your holster makes is probably not really worth worrying about. I only bring it up because I recently came across an interesting new finish that VEIL Solutions is experimenting with – Rhino Lining.

Veil solutions coated holster

They have Rhino Lined one of their Valkyrie model holsters and I am interested to see what, if any, benefits they uncover in their testing. I suspect that it will serve to deaden the typical kydex sounds but also wonder if it might add an additional level of durability that would come in handy during one-hand manipulation drills. Only time and testing will tell but it is great to see someone trying something new.

INFORCE WMLX in the Wild

This is as close as you can get to pictures of the INFORCE WMLX (that we told you about recently) in the wild. VEIL Solutions has been putting this one through its paces. It is nice to see one mounted on a rail to get a sense of the size. Thankfully, it looks like the extra battery has not too adversely affected the compact size that makes the original WML so great.

veil solutions INFORCE WMLX

Ka-Bar TDI Raptor Sheath from Veil Solutions

I am a big fan of the Ka-Bar TDI as a compact, easy to carry, and extremely affordable fixed blade knife option. I know several of you are as well so I try to highlight the various sheathing options that I come across. I recently came across Veil Solutions and their Raptor sheath.


The Raptor sheath is designed to carry the TDI in a somewhat horizontal position on the belt with the handle facing in toward the wearer’s center line. It is formed from Kydex and features a Pull-the-Dot style belt loop which can be switched to either side and can fit belts up to 1.75″ thick. They offer it in a number of colors.

If you don’t already have a TDI, Veil Solutions can add one to your order at a very attractive price. They will even stipple the handle for an additional $5!

Check out Veil Solutions.

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