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UCWRG ShopStix

Never turn down a set of free chopsticks. A gun owner can find all kinds of uses for them, especially for cleaning. I have used them for years to get rags down into the various cracks and crevices you encounter while cleaning a gun. The best part is that they are free with a meal at some Chinese food restaurants. The worst part is they often don’t break apart cleanly (which makes them less useful) and they don’t always lost very long.


Apparently I am not the only one who uses them for working on guns because Umbrella Corporation Weapons Research Group (UCWRG) is now making ShopStix – a more durable alternative to disposable chopsticks made specifically for gun related stuff. These are made from the same polymer as their excellent Rifle Grip 23 (which is still my favorite). UCWRG touts these as useful for cleaning and small parts handling… or as an eating utensil.

Check out ShopStix at UCWRG.

ROG Tactical Super LPK


Have you ever wondered why you buy a lower parts kit and then replace nearly every part in it? You could just start with the parts you want like those found in the ROG Tactical Super LPK (Lower Parts Kit).

The Super LPK includes:

  • Battle Arms Development BAD-ASS
  • Battle Arms Development BAD-EPS
  • Geissele Automatics SSA-E trigger
  • UCWRG Grip 23
  • B5 Systems Trigger Guard

The rest of the small parts are “mil-spec lower parts”. Check out the Super LPK at ROG Tactical.


UCWRG Billet Lowers

Now this is a good looking AR-15 lower receiver. The new billet lowers from Umbrella Corporation Weapons Research Group look great and have a handful of really nice features including Battle Arms Development BAD-ASS-Short Throw compatibility, a nicely flared magazine well, the AXTS Weapons Systems mag release actuated bolt catch functionality, pictogram selector markings, and a gorgeous 3D machined logo. These are precision machined from 7075 aluminum and will be available soon at UCWRG.com.

UCWRG Billet Lower 1 UCWRG Billet Lower 2



My favorite AR-15 grip, Umbrella Corporation Weapons Research Group’s Grip 23, is now available in FDE in addition to the original black. Grip 23 features a more vertical grip angle that is designed to work more comfortably and efficiently with a more compact, squared up shooting stance. It is very hand filling and allows the user to add texture to their liking. It also happens to be very reasonably priced.

Check out the new FDE Grip 23 at UCWRG.com.

UCWRG Rifle Grip – Quick and Dirty Grip Enhancement

I have had a few readers contact me regarding the UCWRG grip review that we did a few weeks ago. They are concerned that the grip may be too slick for their purposes and one of them shared that he doesn’t want to take the time to stipple one. I can understand that. Some people choose not to work on their own guns for a variety of reasons.

I have actually used these grips without any texture enhancement and found them to be fine but if you need a quick and dirty grip enhancement, I have you covered. It doesn’t get any easier than this. Just cut a section of bicycle tire inner-tube, stretch it onto the grip, and then sit back and admire your Tactical Handyman skills.

Don’t let the perceived lack of texture scare you away from this excellent grip.

UCWRG Rifle Grip with Innertube

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