My favorite AR-15 grip, Umbrella Corporation Weapons Research Group’s Grip 23, is now available in FDE in addition to the original black. Grip 23 features a more vertical grip angle that is designed to work more comfortably and efficiently with a more compact, squared up shooting stance. It is very hand filling and allows the user to add texture to their liking. It also happens to be very reasonably priced.

Check out the new FDE Grip 23 at UCWRG.com.


One Response to UCWRG Grip 23 FDE

  1. Broc June 4, 2013 at 06:33 #

    When will they make one with storage? When they do I will buy it I like a place for spare battery for my optic, I’m currently running the BCM Gunfighter Mod1 but its but very hand filling, add storage to this one and its a winner

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