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Mean Gene Leather Key Fobber

Take a good long look at the new, patent pending Key Fobber from Mean Gene Leather. If you look at it long enough, you will likely come to understand how it works. Mean Gene Leather hasn’t exactly been shouting how it works from the rooftops and so I won’t either. They simply state, “You can stake your life on it.”

The Key Fobber is extremely clever and completely innocuous. It is available in a wide variety of colors and can be engraved with your logo.

Key Fobber at MeanGeneLeather.com

Mean Gene Leather 2 to 1 Point Sling

Mean Gene Leather’s 2 to 1 Point Sling brings some class to your trusty old rifle.

The sling is constructed from your choice of brown or black 1.25″ wide English Bridle Leather. It has a brass slider to adjust the length and comes with your choice of push button QD swivels or HK style hooks, both of which work with the included IWC 2 to 1 Point Sling Adapter.


Mean Gene Leather Hot Tamale V-2

Mean Gene Leather brought the “coin purse” back into vogue with the introduction of their original Hot Tamale. Now they are rethinking what a “coin purse” can look like and how it can function with the introduction of their Hot Tamale V-2.

The Hot Tamale V-2 Coin Purse is unlike any other that I have seen (and that is a good thing for a product of this nature). It features a wrap design that folds over the belt and snaps into place. There is a large handle-like design element that simultaneously makes the V-2 look innocuous (or at least unfamiliar) but also provides an easy way to grasp, deploy, and retain the coin purse. Mean Gene Leather advises that you can fit about 13 ounces of coins in various denominations in the Hot Tamale V-2.

Hot Tamale V-2 at Mean Gene Leather

Mean Gene Leather and Sentinel Concepts SBR Case

Mean Gene Leather and Sentinel Concepts have teamed up to create something beautiful It’s called the SBR Case (Sentinel Black Rifle Case) and it might just be the classiest way you could ever conceal an AR-15 SBR or pistol with a LAW Tactical Folding Stock Adapter.

The SBR Case is about as discreet as discreet can be simply because there is pretty much nothing else like it out there. No one would guess it is holding an SBR or AR Pistol because they have no frame of reference for any type of rifle case looking like this. In fact, it looks more like a custom pool cue case than a rifle case. Even if someone did pin it as a rifle case, they are more likely to think it contains a take down sporting rifle… or maybe a mare’s leg.

Mean Gene Leather will be offering these on a special order basis. They can be ordered in custom length to accommodate your specific rifle. Due to the custom nature of the SBR Case, it will require a lead time.


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