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Mean Gene Leather Hot Tamale – Now Available for Pre-Order

The Hot Tamale from Mean Gene Leather is now available for pre-order. If you are unfamiliar with the coin sap concept, you can read our previous post on the Hot Tamale but basically, this is a coin purse that happens to be shaped much like a sap. The coin purse functionality is handy and gives you a good reason for carrying it. The coins also act as ballast should you need to press the Hot Tamale into use as a sap.

You can think of it as a sap with a dash of built in plausible deniability. Pre-order yours at Mean Gene Leather.


Mean Gene Leather Hot Tamale

Not everyone can pull off carrying a dedicated sap but just about anyone can carry a classy, leather coin purse. Coin saps, sap shaped leather pouches that use coins for ballast, have been around forever but Mean Gene Leather (MGL) has elevated them with a slick foldover design that make it easy to wear their Hot Tamale Coin Purse on a belt.

MGL has stated that the Hot Tamale was originally just a “fun project” but the response was overwhelming. They will be putting it into production. Details about pricing and how to order will be coming soon. They are hoping to have these available to ship in around 3 weeks.

While you are waiting, check out the MGL website and MGL Facebook page to stay up to date.


Inlayed Aegis Buckles – Coming Soon from Mean Gene Leather

The Ares Gear Aegis Buckle in its many forms is already the classiest “tactical” belt buckle out there. That is doubly true when the Aegis Buckle is paired with a Mean Gene Leather (MGL) belt, but you haven’t seen anything yet. MGL is about to take the Aegis to a whole new level of classy with the introduction of Inlayed Aegis Buckles to be paired with their leather belts.

The buckles will feature wood inlays like Koa, Maple, and Walnut as well as carbon fiber for a more modern look. The wood inlays are all stabilized and have a Tru Oil gloss finish. These buckles will be available on new belts and owners of existing belts can contact Mean Gene Leather to have one retrofitted to their current belt.

aegis carbon fiber MGL

MGL Victory Aegis Belt

Mean Gene Leather (MGL) just announced their new MGL Victory Aegis Belt. That is “Victory” as in Matt Jacques of Victory First who helped make the project happen and “Aegis” as in the Aegis Belt from Ares Gear. This belt combines MGL’s well crafted leather over webbing belt with the Aegis buckle.

I have been using an Aegis Belt from Ares Gear for a while now and it is the best gun belt I have ever owned precisely because of the buckle. The Aegis buckle makes the belt completely Velcro-free, easy adjust, it looks darn good, and it is easy to thread because one end of the belt is buckle-free. It should work just as well with a high quality leather belt but with a load more refinement.

Pricing and availability haven’t been announced yet so just feast your eyes on the pictures for now.

mgl victory aegis 2 mgl victory aegis 1

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