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Malkoff Devices Launches New Website

Malkoff Devices’ new site shows off Gene Malkoff’s excellent flashlight products in an easier to navigate and digest format than the previous site. The site puts all of Malkoff’s products in front of you and lets you sort by category to see all the options that will fit your needs.


The site also includes the details on the updated, higher output versions of their excellent E1T and E2T replacement heads for Surefire E Series and Scout lights.

Check out the new Malkoff Devices website.

Malkoff Devices Introduces E1T and E2T Heads

Malkoff Devices’ E1 and E2 heads are the premier replacement heads for Surefire’s E-Series and M300/M600 Scout lights. The E1 and E2 have utilize an orange peel textured reflector to create a beam that is balanced for spill and throw. Now they have introduced the E1T and E2T heads that feature a TIR optic which tightly focuses the light for a beam that offers more throw.

malkoff m300600 head

The E1T (for 1 CR123A lights) and E2T (for 2 CR123A lights) pump out 200 and 250 lumens respectively and the lux readings are just as impressive at 12000 and 14000 respectively. That means the E1T is pushing light out to 450 feet and the E2T can illuminate objects out to 600 feet. The efficient Cree XP-E2 emitter lets these lights achieve runtimes of 45-60 minutes (E1T) and about 1.5 hour (E2T).

Check out the E1T and E2T at Malkoff Devices.

Arisaka 300 and 600 Series Lights

You can now purchase a complete 300 or 600 Series Light from Arisaka. These lights are built from Arisaka’s line of Surefire Scout compatible light bodies and new tailcap. They are topped off with the excellent Malkoff Devices Scout Head.


The 300 Series Light weighs in at a scant 2.8 ounces and boasts 250 lumens of output from a single CR123A battery. The 600 Series Light weighs 3.5 ounces and churns out 325 lumens from 2 CR123A batteries.

Arisaka is offering these lights as a limited first run with special pricing of $149 and $159 for the 300 and 600 Series Lights respectively. There is no mount included but there is no shortage of Scout compatible light mounts available including multiple options from Arisaka.

Check out Arisaka’s illumination products.


Malkoff Devices M91B

Malkoff Devices has upgraded their M91 Dropin for Surefire Lights (and others). It now features a new emitter, the Cree XP-L, which results in a tighter, farther throwing beam. The output is approximately 825 measured out-the-front lumens at the moment the light is turned on with fresh batteries and 700 lumens after warm up for 1 hour (on 3 CR123 batteries). After the regulated runtime, the light output gradually decreases over a long period of time.

The M91B is designed for an input voltage range of 5.5-12 volts which gives you some flexibility in terms of battery choices. Check out the new M91B at Malkoff Devices.


ROSCH Works Development Pipeline

A rolling stone gathers no moss and there is certainly no moss on the ROSCH Works crew. They are currently developing several products that are worth noting. I have more detail that I can share on some than others.

The development on the new, brighter head for the SL1 is still moving forward though it has been superseded by a couple of other interesting projects.

Rosch Works SL1 Expansion Kit

The first of those projects is the TM2 which is a light mount that is designed to be as simple as possible while giving flexible light mounting options that require no modifications to the host gun. It can be uses to mount a 1″ light in number of positions to a shotgun barrel or AR-15 barrel with the use of a shim. The design is so simple and robust that it needs only 1 screw. The typical ROSCH Works attention to detail and material science is present in how they are making the TM2 from a stainless alloy that reduces the amount of heat transferred to the light from the barrel. The expected price on the TM2 is $30-$35 depending on the options.

ROSCH Works TM2 ROSCH Works TM2 Fury ROSCH Works TM2 custom light

As you can see from the image above, you can expect to see stand-alone ROSCH Works flashlights in the future.

ROSCH Works is also developing a light mount that will be similar in principle to the TM2 except that it will offer QD functionality. This will allow the user to easily attach or detach their light as the need arises. Like the TM2, it will require no modifications to the host gun.

Perhaps most interestingly, they are developing a light mount with integrated front sight that will allow you to mount any 1″ light on the top rail or your hand guard. This could be one of the most exciting lighting products since the SL1. Stay tuned for additional images and information on this mount.

Rosch Works SL1 FDE

Finally, the SL1 is now available in FDE. ROSCH Works wanted to do more than just coat them and call them good so they spent some time getting these right. They are now available at ROSCHWorks.com.

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