Rosch Works Update

Rosch Works has already generated plenty of news this year with the introduction of their SL1 Sight Light and they seemingly have no intention of slowing down as several noteworthy developments have come out lately.

The most exciting of these items is probably the Malkoff Devices developed Expansion Kit for the SL1. It consists of a battery tube extender (this configuration will require 2 CR123A batteries) and 500 lumen head assembly. The Expansion Kit will be available soon and, at 500 lumens, will offer twice the output of the SL1 in standard configuration.

Rosch Works SL1 Expansion Kit

Rosch Works has also been showing the SL1 in a FDE finish that looks very good. They should be available soon.

Rosch Works SL1 FDE

Finally, a lens replacement kit will be available shortly for those who need to replace the standard optical acrylic lens. This may also open the door for new lens options. These should be available on the Rosch Works website in the next few days.

ROSCH Works SL1 Lens Kit

3 Responses to Rosch Works Update

  1. Ty December 24, 2013 at 19:21 #

    I like the concept but would like to see a slanted tail cap and activation button for better Ergonomics and a nice high thumb over the barrel grip

  2. Rob December 26, 2013 at 18:06 #

    What muzzle device is on the top X7 in the first picture?


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