Sneaky Bags 2014 Preview

Sneaky Bags Preview

Sneaky Bags has some interesting bags in store for 2014. The most exciting (to me) is the new smaller version of the CRB that is designed for SBRs, AR Pistols, and PDW type weapons. It looks the most like an athletic bag of any of the CRBs yet but still retains all the great weapon specific functionality and durability.

There is also a HUGE version of the CRB that most people will probably not need. It is being developed for a specific weapon and some very special users. However, it may also be useful to those who need a comfortable way to lug several weapons around like those who shoot 3 gun competitions or similar events.

Additionally, they are working on a sling bag that will have some very cool weapon-specific functionality as well.

Look for more information at SHOT Show. Check out

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