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Malkoff MDC TAC

The upcoming MDC TAC from Malkoff Devices is a flashlight worth getting excited about. While other lights in the Malkoff Devices MDC line are aimed at EDC/utility crowd, the upcoming MDC TAC is aimed squarely at the military, police, and armed citizen user.

Malkoff MDC Tactical

The MDC TAC is made from hard anodized aluminum. It is a compact, single CR123A powered light with a high output setting (250 lumens, 1 hour) and low output setting (15 lumens, 30 hours). In keeping with its intended purpose, the MDC TAC always comes on in high mode. Its electronics are fully potted like all Malkoff lights which is part of what makes them so bomb-proof.

Check out the Malkoff MDC TAC.

Malkoff E2/Scout 2-3 CR123 Head

Shooters have been using Gene Malkoff’s bomb proof LED M60 and M61 LED modules for years on their Surefire Scout lights. These modules required the use of a adapters or special heads like the Valiant Concepts VME. Now Malkoff Devices has just introduced a brand new, dedicated E series/Scout compatible head.

Malkoff E Series Scout Head

The Malkoff E2/Scout 2-3 CR123 Head is is constructed of 6061 T6 aluminum and Type III Hard Black Anodized. It uses a custom reflector from the flashlight guru Don McLeish (AKA McGizmo) that Gene says will give a very balanced beam. This head utilizes a Cree XP-G2 and will push 235 lumens (that is actual measured out the front lumens and in my experience Malkoff Devices under rates their outputs) for 2 hours before it drops out of regulation and starts to dim. Even after that 2 hours, you should get quite a bit of useful light – it won’t leave you stranded with no light.

If you have a Surefire Scout Light or E-Series light laying around that needs updating, this looks like a great option. Nobody builds LED modules as stout as Gene. If this is anything like his M60 and M61 modules, it is going to be awesome.

Check out the new Malkoff E2/Scout 2-3 CR123 Head on MalkoffDevices.com.

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