Malkoff Devices Introduces E1T and E2T Heads

Malkoff Devices’ E1 and E2 heads are the premier replacement heads for Surefire’s E-Series and M300/M600 Scout lights. The E1 and E2 have utilize an orange peel textured reflector to create a beam that is balanced for spill and throw. Now they have introduced the E1T and E2T heads that feature a TIR optic which tightly focuses the light for a beam that offers more throw.

malkoff m300600 head

The E1T (for 1 CR123A lights) and E2T (for 2 CR123A lights) pump out 200 and 250 lumens respectively and the lux readings are just as impressive at 12000 and 14000 respectively. That means the E1T is pushing light out to 450 feet and the E2T can illuminate objects out to 600 feet. The efficient Cree XP-E2 emitter lets these lights achieve runtimes of 45-60 minutes (E1T) and about 1.5 hour (E2T).

Check out the E1T and E2T at Malkoff Devices.

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