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Camaraderie HiViz tacStrips from JAVRAN

JAVRAN already makes their reflective HiViz tacStrips in a number of handy sizes and colors. Now they are introducing some Camaraderie editions to recognize several different first responders and organizations.

The reflective patches will feature a colored line on a black reflective backing.

  • Thin Blue Line — Police
  • Thin Red Line — Firefighters
  • Thin Orange Line — Bounty Hunters
  • Thin Silver Line — Corrections officers
  • Thin Yellow Line — Security Officers
  • Thin Green Line — Federal Agents, and park rangers
  • Thin White Line — Emergency medical services (blue with white line)

Check out JAVRAN.com.

PS – Before you ask, the very slick messenger bag shown is the JAVRAN Wingman.

Patch Collecting: JAVRAN Patches

Some companies offer a couple of color options for their patches. Some offer 5 or 6 color options. JAVRAN lets you choose from hundreds of options! You get to pick the background color or camo pattern, the edge color, and logo embroidery color. They even have wild options like reflective backings in glow in the dark thread. You can have a ton of fun choosing your patch at JAVRAN.com.

JAVRAN Trade Show Credential Carrier

Sometimes I think there must be an unwritten rule that all tactical gear makers must make a credential carrier. While most consist of little more than a clear sleeve for displaying your ID and maybe a pen loop, the JAVRAN Trade Show Credential Carrier is different.

The JAVRAN Trade Show Credential Carrier has one ace in the hole that makes it very, very cool in a James Bond kind of way. You can actually choose to have RFID shielding built in. More and more credit cards and IDs have RFID chips built in which creates the concern that information can be lifted without your knowledge or permission. The RFID shielding is built into a pouch that is behind the clear ID sleeve. This pouch is standard on all Trade Show Credential Carriers but the RFID shielding is optional.

In addition to the clear ID sleeve and pouch, the Trade Show Credential Carrier features some additional height that will allow you to display larger IDs and badges. There are pen loops and various other organizer pockets on the back. You can secure a name tape to the 5″x1″ loop panel on the front of the carrier.

Check out the JAVRAN Trade Show Credential Carrier on JAVRAN.com.

JAVRAN Embroidered Logo Patch – Pick a Color, Any Color

Many morale patches are available in just one color scheme. Some may be available in 4 or 5 color schemes. JAVRAN’s Embroidered Logo Patch is available in hundreds of color schemes!

You can choose your background color from all of the typical “tactical” colors that you are used to and some less far less discreet colors like Neon Yellow and Aqua. You can even choose a reflective background. The border and embroidered bird can also be customized individually with any one of 15 thread colors including glow in the dark. The result is a custom patch, made just for you.

Check out the JAVRAN Embroidered Logo Patch.

JAVRAN HiViz tacStrips

There are times when it is best to blend in and times when you need to be seen. JAVRAN’s HiViz tacStrips can help you during those times that you need to be seen.

JAVRAN’s HiViz tacStrips are available in either a hook (Velcro) backed version or a MOLLE compatible version. These two versions should give you enough flexibility to attach these highly reflective strips on just about any chest rig, plate carrier, backpack or any other piece of gear that you need to be visible from a distance. The HiViz tacStrips also come in a variety of colors.

This would be great to keep on your backpack when you hiking so that you can see your camp from a distance at night or to make yourself visible in a low light training course. There are a number of uses for something like this.

Check out the HiViz tacStrips at JAVRAN.com.

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