JAVRAN Trade Show Credential Carrier

Sometimes I think there must be an unwritten rule that all tactical gear makers must make a credential carrier. While most consist of little more than a clear sleeve for displaying your ID and maybe a pen loop, the JAVRAN Trade Show Credential Carrier is different.

The JAVRAN Trade Show Credential Carrier has one ace in the hole that makes it very, very cool in a James Bond kind of way. You can actually choose to have RFID shielding built in. More and more credit cards and IDs have RFID chips built in which creates the concern that information can be lifted without your knowledge or permission. The RFID shielding is built into a pouch that is behind the clear ID sleeve. This pouch is standard on all Trade Show Credential Carriers but the RFID shielding is optional.

In addition to the clear ID sleeve and pouch, the Trade Show Credential Carrier features some additional height that will allow you to display larger IDs and badges. There are pen loops and various other organizer pockets on the back. You can secure a name tape to the 5″x1″ loop panel on the front of the carrier.

Check out the JAVRAN Trade Show Credential Carrier on JAVRAN.com.

One Response to JAVRAN Trade Show Credential Carrier

  1. Ebbs September 19, 2012 at 10:08 #

    Very slick, Matt. Been looking for something like this so I can avoid the jenky Outdoor Channel credential carrier at SHOT this year.

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