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Javran Relaunches Website

Javran makes functional, stylish, and bomb-proof nylon gear. Nobody plays with color and camo patterns as well as they do. Their site has been offline for some time now even though they were still turning out gear. I’m happy to report that the site is back online as of a couple of days ago. Online ordering is currently turned off but hopefully, it will be fully functional soon.


Camo Pattern Color Comparisons from Javran

Javran is compiling a very useful resource for potential gear buyers. They have created composite images of camo patterns broken down by color type. The images not only compare various camo patterns but also lay over various colors of webbing so you can see how they will look together.

Click the color below to view the comparison:


Javran Launches New Website

Javran never really went away but their website did… for way too long. Fortunately for us, the website is back and we can once again browse their great gear and evil genius color combinations.


Speaking of color combinations, Javran has taken that part of their gear to a whole new level. The new sight lets you customize the color palette of almost everything with a dizzying array of color swatches. You can even choose “Maker’s Choice” to let them get a little crazy on your behalf. I know from talking to Jan, proprietor of Javran, that color is a big part of what they do and they spent a lot of time getting that part of the website just right.

The website is still not complete. They will be adding their products back over time but many favorites are already there, along with new products. Check out the new Javran.com.


News Flash: Water is Wet and Custom Gear is Expensive

Whenever I post about custom gear that costs more than production or overseas made gear, someone complains about the price in the comments. The optimist in me thinks maybe it is just because the complainer doesn’t understand what goes into making these sometimes very complex items one at a time (the pessimist in me thinks they are probably just d-bags). So, just in case it will change someone’s mind, here is a glimpse at what goes into a single custom bag.

javran wingman parts

JAVRAN recently posted this image of all the various unassembled parts of their Wingman Messenger bag. It, like most custom bags, is expensive due to the large amount of time and materials that go into them. The image you see above contains 120 individual parts and pieces. All of that Velcro, Cordura Nylon, foam, webbing, paracord, and all those zippers go into just one bag. Imagine the cost in keeping all of those materials in various colors on hand. Imagine the time it takes to cut them all. Imagine the time it takes to assemble them. Image the equipment it takes to sew through all the layers. All that time, all those materials, and all that equipment add up to one thing: money.

Do you still want to complain about the price? Surely these craftsman deserve a wage that reflects the time and expertise that goes into such a product. Next time you are tempted to complain about a price online remember: sometimes thing are expensive to buy because they are expensive to produce (and it makes you sound like a d-bag).

Now before you get too down on yourself, take a look at the finished Wingman on JAVRAN’s Facebook page. One look at this killer bag will cheer you right up.

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