JAVRAN HiViz tacStrips

There are times when it is best to blend in and times when you need to be seen. JAVRAN’s HiViz tacStrips can help you during those times that you need to be seen.

JAVRAN’s HiViz tacStrips are available in either a hook (Velcro) backed version or a MOLLE compatible version. These two versions should give you enough flexibility to attach these highly reflective strips on just about any chest rig, plate carrier, backpack or any other piece of gear that you need to be visible from a distance. The HiViz tacStrips also come in a variety of colors.

This would be great to keep on your backpack when you hiking so that you can see your camp from a distance at night or to make yourself visible in a low light training course. There are a number of uses for something like this.

Check out the HiViz tacStrips at JAVRAN.com.

One Response to JAVRAN HiViz tacStrips

  1. Jack June 20, 2012 at 20:38 #

    Not exactly the same thing, but…way back when, we hunted pretty much the same area each year, so it was handy to mark paths between trees and, of course, back to camp.

    Turns out you can get Scotchlite (TM) reflective sheeting in black and gray (I’m guessing that by now 3M’s competitors have it as well) which reflects as dull white. A 3″ x 3″ square of aluminum with black or dark gray nailed about 10′ up on a tree trunk, bent slightly to conform to the trunk, doesn’t show during the day, and is high enough above line of sight it’s rare for anyone to notice it. At night, though, a quick button press on a not-too-bright flashlight picks up the reflective sheeting when you know what to look for. Nail them about 125-150 feet apart and you can see the path through the trees.

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