Strike Industries Tactical Sling Catch

Some rifle slings are more comfortable on your neck than others, like padded slings or those with tubular webbing, but all slings can start to cause discomfort with enough time or when they are crusted with dirt and sweat. Strike Industries now has a solution to keep your sling off of your neck – the Tactical Sling Catch.

The Tactical Sling Catch is a simple solution to a common problem. It is basically a hook that is designed to capture your sling and keep it off of your neck but still allow easy doffing of the sling. It is made from plastic and has a Velcro strap that secures to the strap of your plate carrier or chest rig. There are tabs on one side that keep the Tactical Sling Catch from rolling over the strap that it is mounted to and it has small spikes underneath that keep it from sliding.

JTT will be doing a full review on the Tactical Sling Catch after we have been able to spend some time working with it. In the mean time, check out the Tactical Sling Catch at

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