Tru-Nord Compasses

The vast majority of the small compasses on the market are complete garbage. They quickly develop bubbles, break, reverse poles, and generally display all sorts of behaviors that make them impossible to trust. Tru-Nord compasses are the exact opposite. The quality of these compasses is legendary. They are far and away the best button compasses that I have ever used.

Tru-Nord’s compasses have a number of features that really set them apart. First, they are dry compasses. This means that there is no dampening fluid inside the body of the compass. It can’t leak, it can’t develop bubbles, and it won’t slow down in cold weather. Second, the bodies of the compasses are made from solid brass. They can really take a beating. Finally, they can be ordered per-compensated for the magnetic declination of your intended area of use. Say good bye to LARS and RALS.

I used to own one of the 200CB pin on models and I foolishly gave it away years ago. It could be kept pinned to a jacket or backpack strap (or chest rig, or plate carrier) and referenced easily just by glancing down. The huge brass pin was very secure it just seemed to shrug off anything the trail could throw at it. This little trip down memory lane is making me want to order a new compass!

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