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HSP Inforce WMLX 400/800

Haley Strategic Partners’ new version of the Inforce WMLX allows the user to choose between two outputs, 400 and 800 lumens, at the flip of a switch. The momentary only pressure pad activation switch ensures that you always get the bright, white light you need instead of having to cycle through various modes.

Check out the HSP Inforce WMLX 400/800 at HaleyStrategic.com.


I posted my review of the INFORCE WMLx earlier this week. In that review, I sang the praises of the new throw lever based user interface and hoped that it would trickle down to the regular WML eventually.

“Eventually” is already here. The WML now has the new interface that combines the best of the INFORCE’s momentary only and multi-function switching configurations, allowing the user to switch between the two just by throwing a lever.

Check out Abner Miranda’s, INFORCE’s National LE Sales Manager, explanation of the new features and various deployment options for the WML on YouTube and keep an eye on INFORCE’s website for details.


The INFORCE WMLx is more than just a 500 lumen flame throwing version of the popular WML. It has an all new user interface that works very well whether you prefer momentary only or constant on activation modes.



The WMLx keeps much of what makes the WML great. It is lightweight (4 ounces) thanks to polymer construction. It has a switch that allows it to be used in any position on the rail. It still has an easy to use, built in rail clamp. The lock out bail is also still present which is great because it is a tremendous feature (see the JTT review of the WML to find out why).

The most notable differences are that the light is longer to accommodate 2 CR123A batteries and, when you turn it on, you are greeted with 500 lumens of light versus the WML’s 200. The WMLx also has a new optic to shape the light coming from its LED (more on this later).

The switch interface has been simplified and streamlined. Now there is a lever on the side that allows the user to change the way the switch functions. You can push the lever rearward for a momentary only switch – the light will only activate while you are actively pressing the switch.

Move the lever forward for constant and strobe functionality. This mode will feel familiar to users of the Multi-Function WMLs but it has been improved significantly with the removal of the low mode. You can now access only High and Strobe from this mode. Strobe can be deactivated manually leaving only high mode. If you tap the switch, the light comes on and stays on. Tap it again to turn it off. If you press and hold the switch for more than a ½ second or so, it will turn off when you let go of the switch.


Observations from Use

The WMLx still feels like a WML and that is a good thing. Everything I like about the WML is still intact – lightweight, low cost, lock-out features, easy mounting, etc. That is good but what is even better is that INFORCE managed to improve the user interface.

I prefer to have some sort of constant on mode available to me so I used the “multi-function” version over the momentary only WML and learned to live with its switch interface (not that it is hard to do). I never used the strobe so I turned it off and only really ever used the low mode on accident. The WMLx’s new switch interface strips away all that clutter. There is no guess work. If you press the button you see 500 lumens of light. If you accidentally tap when you meant to press, your natural reaction is to tap again which instantly turns the light off. It works extremely well and I hope INFORCE adopts it for the original WML as well.

The new reflector is interesting. It splits the light into 3 distant rings. The center hotspot is very bright and has solid throw. There is a moderately bright ring around that which lights up a slightly wider area. Finally, there is a third and outermost ring that is very wide and provides more than enough light to ID a person in a dark room. If you point it at a wall, it looks a bit strange because each ring is so distinct, but in use, it feels like any other light with a bright hotspot and tapering output toward the edges of the beam.

The rail mounted portion of the WMLx is basically identical in size to the WML so those who are mounting them toward the end of a handguard won’t really notice much of a difference in size.

I found the runtime to be true to the advertised 2 hours in my admittedly unscientific eyeball test. I have also had no issues with the light draining batteries as has been reported by some WML users. In fact, I own 7 WMLs and none of them have ever drained their batteries when not in use.


Wrap Up

INFORCE made a good light better. They retained the best parts of the WML and refined the user interface. That is a recipe for a winner.

Check out the WMLx at INFORCE.

Latest News from INFORCE

I know that you all want to hear the latest on the INFORCE WMLX that I covered recently but that isn’t the only news worthy item to come out of INFORCE lately. Before I get to the WMLX news, I should mention that INFORCE is introducing Flat Dark Earth as a new color option across their entire line. Their previous tan color was lighter than FDE.


Now, on to the WMLX. Full details have been released. We already knew that it was a 2 cell version of the WML. In fact, it has basically the same footprint on the rail but the body is longer to accommodate the second cell. We also already knew that it put out 500 lumens but now we know it will do that for 2 hours which is a solid runtime for a 500 lumen light. Those 500 lumens are pumped out via a special reflector with 3 concentric focus rings that INFORCE states will provide increased throw and spill versus the original WML.

The biggest news is the switch. You no longer have to decide between a momentary only or multifunction version. The WMLX has a throw lever on the side that will allow the user to select the mode that best fits their needs. It will also have what INFORCE is calling a “rotating” strobe which they claim is extremely disorienting.

The FDE lights are available now. The WMLX is still a several weeks out. Check out INFORCE in the mean time.


INFORCE WMLX in the Wild

This is as close as you can get to pictures of the INFORCE WMLX (that we told you about recently) in the wild. VEIL Solutions has been putting this one through its paces. It is nice to see one mounted on a rail to get a sense of the size. Thankfully, it looks like the extra battery has not too adversely affected the compact size that makes the original WML so great.

veil solutions INFORCE WMLX

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