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Fehu Outdoors Angled Radio Pouch

The Fehu Outdoor Rangled Radio Pouch allows users to mount a radio on a PALS grid in an angled orientation. This is ideal for carrying a radio on something like a Hill People Gear Kit Bag or other applications where moving the antenna out of the way or a reduced height footprint can be beneficial. It is so ideal, in fact, that Hill People Gear carries this product.

The Fehu Outdoors Angled Radio Pouch fits a variety of radios thanks to its elastic construction (7″ x 3″x 1.5″). It is made in the USA.


Hill People Gear Ute Pack V2

The original Ute pack, which came out in 2013, was HPG’s first full-size backpacking pack. The beauty of the Ute pack is it’s ability to compress down for day-sized loads or expand it’s capacity with the addition of pack pockets. Now in 2021 they have updated to the Ute V2 with several additional features.

Changes to the Ute include:

  •  2″ top lid pocket with zippered access from the outside. 
  • Velcro loop underneath lid for using Velcro compatible pockets like the 58 Pouch or Tool Roll
  • Adjustable bellows wand pockets with drawstring adjustment.
  • Removed zipper flap on main compartment.

The Ute V2 is available now in ranger/khaki, elk/coyote, and manatee/foliage

$465 with Prairie Belt.


Hill People Gear Type 1 Wildland Fire Pack

Hill People Gear’s new Type 1 Wildland Fire Pack is now available. For those who have been following Hill People Gear for a long time and know something of those who work there, it seems like it would be only a matter of time before they launched a pack like this.

Some of Hill People Gear’s brand DNA comes from wildland firefighting. Co-founder Evan Hill used a jumper pack on the Wyoming Hotshots back when they were still made in the Rigger’s Loft by smokejumpers. When he started building packs, they were belted lumbars like the jumper pack. In fact, the Umlindi follows that lumbar pack tradition.

Kevin McDowell is a Marine and wildland fire veteran who joined HPG initially as their Operations Manager and now serves as Marketing Director. He has been driving the company to create a fire pack and now HPG FIRE is born.

The Type 1 Pack is sold as a complete system. It consists of the following components, which can also be purchased separately:

Base Pack – The Type 1 Pack is based on the Umlindi V2 Backpack. However, the side compression straps from the standard Umlindi have been removed.

Line Pocket – The Line Pocket is a simple compression pocket and side pull compression straps that is sized specifically to work with the Umlindi.

Fire Shelter Case – The Fire Shelter Case can be set up for right or left hand shelter deployment. It attaches underneath the base pack and also to the Line Pocket to raise the rear edge and keep the shelter from resting on the firefighter’s bottom.

Prairie Belt – HPG’s most robust load bearing belt is included in the system. By default the Type 1 Pack ships with the 30+ Prairie Belt, but substitutions for other sizes are possible.


Hill People Gear – Kit Bag Overview

If you have been reading JTT for long, it’s no secret that I like Hill People Gear Kit Bags. I’ve written about them enough that I end up receiving a lot of questions about them so I attempted to make my own reference post showing the commonalities and differences of the various options.

Now, I am happy to report that Hill People Gear has created their own reference for comparing all the Kit Bag options. This new video is the most complete look yet at all available models and gives solid advice for selecting a Kit Bag. If you are in the market for a Kit Bag (and you should be), this will likely be just what you need in order to decide which one is right for you.


Hill People Gear Launches Conner Backpack V2

Hill People Gear just launched the new V2 version of the Conner. The biggest changes relate to the Conner’s evolution of a pocket first, then a pack, to a pack first. It now sports a full suspension, larger water bottle pockets, additional capacity, and more.

We’ve taken our popular Connor pocket / backpack and updated it for version 2. Version 2 is a dedicated backpack, although it still retains the tabs necessary to be used as a back pocket if so desired. The V2 Connor has the following features:

  • Extremely load capable AHBC chassis allows for an optional belt and also carries very comfortably in shoulder only mode.
  • Large main dimensional pocket fully lined with First Spear’s 6/12 PALS cut velcro loop fabric lets you create whatever organizational system you want.
  • Center zip outer pocket with stretchy tweave fabric on the outside expands as you stuff it.
  • Twin outer mesh pockets on either side of the center zip. Sized to take a bike bottle size bottle.
  • Full height zippered spacer mesh pocket on the inside of the pack
  • Hypalon compression wings have a 2 channel pals grid cut into them for additional pouches either inside or outside of the wings.
  • Dual wand pockets are large enough to accept round or GI sized Nalgene bottles. will not accept a GI canteen cup
  • Generously long bottom compression straps.
  • Includes (2) ITW repair female SR buckles.This allows conversion of the straps from center pull to side pull.

You can learn more in the video below and at HillPeopleGear.com.

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