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Hawkrigger Huey O-Rig Jump Watch Straps

Hawkrigger’s new Huey O-Rig Jump Straps are now available. These cinch adjustment, single-pass watch straps feature Hawkrigger’s bespoke buckle system. They are easy to take on and off while still remaining very secure.

The buckle’s design is inspired by the venerable Bell UH-1 Iroquois (Huey). The straps feature JUMP5625 webbing as a nod to MIL-W-5625K parachute webbing. The black warp yarn center line of this webbing gives a distinctive look. The Huey O-Rig Jump Strap is available in Marpat Coyote or Yellow.


Hawkrigger Updates the Grapple Belt

I am wearing a Hawkrigger 38 Grapple Gun Belt as I type this. I’ve been wearing this belt daily for more than a year and in that time it has cemented its place as my favorite belt ever. It’s stiff where it needs to be, flexible where it should be, extremely simple… and it’s about to be even better.

Hawkrigger has been constantly honing their products for years and they just introduced the 6th iteration of the Grapple buckle. The buckle is 25% lighter thanks to thinner stock (down from 4mm to 3mm) but still plenty strong thanks to upgraded steel (304 to 316 stainless). They have also moved to a new scuba webbing for the EDC version of this belt.

Hawkrigger made a great belt, better.


Review: Hawkrigger 38 Grapple Gun Belt

I have been wearing a Hawkrigger 38 Grapple Gun Belt every day since March. In that time I have used in on mountain bike and gravel bike rides, on day hikes, on an overnighter, during kettlebell workouts, on the range, and for general everyday use. Let’s see what I’ve learned.


The 38 Grapple Gun Belt is sewn from 38mm (1.5″) wide, US-made scuba webbing. The webbing is double layered and has 4 circumferential stitches for stiffness.

The name “Grapple” comes from the G-hook style buckle. It is made from stainless steel and aggressively deburred to remove any sharp edges. The buckle has a slightly curved shape to conform to the wearer.

Observations from Use

I mentioned some of the activities that I have tried while wearing this belt like biking and kettlebell workouts. I did these activities specifically while wearing appendix carry holsters in order to test various aspects of the belt.

I cycled many more than 200 miles on pavement, forest roads, and trails while wearing this belt. I stopped tracking miles after the first few weeks and I’ve worn this belt on all my rides since so the actual mile count is much higher. I figured that this would be a good test of comfort given the forward bent position that cycling requires. The Grapple is stiff in the direction that it needs to be (up and down) but relatively compliant circumferentially which makes it very comfortable while still able to effectively bear weight. I find it to be very comfortable for AIWB carry as well as 3-4 o’clock hip carry.

I wore the Grapple during kettlebell workouts to see if the adjustment would slip. I never had to tighten the belt during a workout and if you know about the mechanics of a kettlebell swing, that should be impressive. It seems like the more tension you put on the buckle, the more it bites and holds. The only instances I have ever had to tighten it have required very little tightening and it usually happens when there is very little tension on the belt.

This belt is easy to wear. It is easy to open, easy to close, easy to thread into belt loops, and easy to adjust. The hooked buckle mates easily with a sewn-in loop in the webbing. The webbing is stiff enough that this loop is always held open when the belt isn’t under tension. You can latch and unlatch with your eyes closed. The open end threads easily in any pants and some pants will even allow the very low profile buckle design to pass through the loops.

The adjustment on this belt is very straight forward. Coarse adjustments are best made when the belt is not threaded in pants. Fine adjustments can be made easily by levering the adjustable side of the buckle forward and then either ratcheting it tighter or allow some webbing to slip in order to loosen. I am not sure to what extent Hawkrigger knew that the adjustment would work out this way, but I like it. It is almost like a ratcheting mechanism without moving parts.

The belt comes with an elastic loop that keeps the excess length under control. The belts are available in multiple standard sizes. When you buy one, you provide your measurement and Hawkrigger provides the correct size based on your measurement. I like that the guesswork is taken out of the process as I often fall between sizes and never feel sure about which size to pick. The belt has a generous amount of adjustment built-in.

The quality of this belt is excellent. It has massive bar tacks where appropriate, 4 full-length circumferential stitches bonding the layers of webbing, cleanly cut and sealed edges, and quality components. Mine still basically looks new. I was concerned about how the buckle hook would wear against the webbing loop over time but that concern has been unfounded due to the lack of anything resembling a sharp edge.

I should also point out that, at just over $50, this belt costs about half of what my previous gun belt cost and I have found that it meets my needs better. I consider this to be an excellent value.

Wrap Up

This is an excellent gun belt. It bears the weight of a gun well and strikes the right balance between rigidity and flexibility. The design is simple, easy to live with, and comfortable to wear. I am wearing it as I type this and I’ll be wearing days later when you read this.


Para Bellum Watch Band and Belt – Now Available from Hawkrigger

The Para Bellum Watch Band and Belt are now available. These items feature a new buckle design that was inspired by older French military dive belts. You can read more about the design in our previous post.

The Para Bellum Watch Band is available for 20 and 22mm lug widths. The user can select their wrist size and elastic webbing color combination at the point of purchase.

Para Bellum Watch Band at Hawkrigger.com

The Para Bellum Belt is available in Black or Coyote Brown. The user specifies their size at the point of purchase. This belt features a single layer of webbing which is more suited toward everyday wear but may be rigid enough to support lighter firearms.

Para Bellum Belt at Hawkrigger.com

Hawkrigger Para Bellum Buckle

Hawkrigger has developed a new buckle based on a historic French military dive belt. The buckle consists of two metal plates – one larger and one smaller. The smaller side is adjustable and can be passed through the larger, locking the belt closed. It is designed to be easy to adjust, easy to don/doff, and with no buckle parts that can wear out.

The Para Bellum buckle is already available in very limited numbers on both the Para Bellum Watch Band and Para Bellum Belt via direct message on Instagram. These will be available for regular purchase soon at Hawkrigger.com. Stay tuned for details.

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