Hawkrigger Updates the Grapple Belt

I am wearing a Hawkrigger 38 Grapple Gun Belt as I type this. I’ve been wearing this belt daily for more than a year and in that time it has cemented its place as my favorite belt ever. It’s stiff where it needs to be, flexible where it should be, extremely simple… and it’s about to be even better.

Hawkrigger has been constantly honing their products for years and they just introduced the 6th iteration of the Grapple buckle. The buckle is 25% lighter thanks to thinner stock (down from 4mm to 3mm) but still plenty strong thanks to upgraded steel (304 to 316 stainless). They have also moved to a new scuba webbing for the EDC version of this belt.

Hawkrigger made a great belt, better.


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