Garage Built Gear – Ultimate EDC Folio Organizer

Garage Built Gear’s new Ultimate EDC Folio Organizer is now available. This organizer boasts a unique size that makes it well suited to backpack carry and a ton of features.

A lot of organizers try to be pocketable which means they are often too small to be useful in a pack and too big to fit in your pocket once they are stuffed with EDC goodies. The 12.5″ x 7″ Ultimate EDC Folio Organizer doesn’t pretend to want to fit in your pocket. It is optimized for carrying in just about any pack.

It features a full clamshell, zippered opening to give access to the organization features inside which include a large slip pocket, a series of multiple sized elastic loops, and 3 zippered pockets made from mesh to allow you to see the contents. The interior is lined with a high visibility color to give contrast to the contents.

The front exterior features a slip pocket and loop field. The back exterior has additional loop and a full height zippered mesh pocket.

As with all Garage Built Gear products, they are made in the USA and available in a ton of colors. Check out the Ultimate EDC Folio Organizer at

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