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Review: Garage Built Gear Qube Range/Camera Bag

Is it a range bag? Is it a camera bag? Is it a packing cube? Is it an organizer insert or a stand-alone bag? The Garage Built Gear Qube is all those things. You’ve probably never seen a bag that is shaped quite like it but that’s what makes it great.

It’s easy to see why it’s called the Qube.


The Qube is a roughly square shaped bag with a full panel, zippered opening. It is 11″ x 10.5″ with a 4.5″ depth.

The exterior of the Qube features an adjustable slip pocket with interior loop velcro to accept organization pouches. It also has a stout carry handle on the top and a small PALS webbing field.

The interior is padded on the back and bottom. It features loop on the back and sides to accept organization pouches and the optional foam dividers (which are shown in my review). The bag has enough structure that it holds its shape very well and protects its contents. The inside surface of the lid has a full-size mesh pocket that is closed with a zipper.

Padded Back

Observations from Use

I own a few pieces of gear from Garage Built Gear and I think what strikes me most about their designs is their unique approach to size and shape. There aren’t many bags that are shaped like the Qube and yet that shape is the secret to its versatility. It is large enough to hold a lot of gear, shaped so that you can maximize the internal volume, and compact enough to fit easily into other bags.

The shape and size of this bag, along with its user-customizable organization options, take its flexibility to another level. It can be used as a standalone range bag, camera bag, first-aid kit, tool kit, or general gear organizer. It can also be used as an insert in a larger pack like a packing cube or camera insert for a backpack. I’ve used for all of the above.

Optional padded dividers and loop lined interior

The padded dividers are a must if you plan to use this as a range bag or camera bag in my opinion. These really help organize the contents of the Qube. They are especially nice to do things like protect a lens or keep a handgun from smashing into the other contents of the bag.

The interior of the Qube is lined with loop material on the left and right sides and back. Hook-backed organization pouches may be attached to any of these surfaces but the sides, in particular, are used to attach the padded dividers. This works and offers a lot of flexibility to the user but it seems like there could be more…

Range bag

It would be nice if there was a bit more loop material on the top and bottom surfaces of the main compartment as well as on the padded dividers to allow for additional configuration options when using the padded dividers. The current design really only allows them to be installed going left to right and the placement of the one vertical divider is limited to a single location. Some additional loop material would add to the padded feel of the bag and allow for more options. This is probably a small nitpick in the end but feels like at least a little bit of a missed opportunity for a bag that seems to otherwise max out its flexibility at every turn.

The quality of this bag is excellent. The materials are top-notch. The edges are taped and there are appropriate reinforcing stitches throughout. It is a very modern-looking bag with all the durability benefits that come from its tactical sensibilities.

Stuffed with mags

I’ve already mentioned some of the ways I have used this bag and Garage Built Gear expressly refers to this as a camera/range bag but I want to highlight a couple of less obvious ways that I found it particularly useful. It is great inside of a typical EDC backpack when used as an organizer for larger gear or as a sort of packing cube. In fact, I have found that it can pretty easily hold enough clothes for an overnight trip which is a handy way to organize something like a carryon bag for travel. I also really like it as a companion to a larger range bag where it can be used to carry things like a stacks of loaded magazines.

It easily fits into another bag for use as a packing cube or camera insert.

Wrap Up

I have used this bag in so many ways and I’m sure I will come up with even more ways to use it as time goes by. Garage Built Gear seems to have a unique eye for size and shape that suits their products well. The quality is excellent and the Qube’s modern look with a tactical bent appeals to me.

Garage Built Gear typically releases their gear in batches. You can learn more by watching their website and Instagram feed.


@GarageBuiltGear on Instagram

Shown with paper targets in the outer pocket.

Garage Built Gear Everywhere Organizer

The new Everywhere Organizer from Garage Built Gear is a versatile piece of kit that can be used a number of ways. It is a relatively compact organizer that features two slip pockets and elastic loop organization. That is fairly standard… It’s the additional large elastic loop on the back that sets this one apart.

The built in elastic loop allows the Everywhere Organizer to be used in a number of different ways. It can be wrapped onto a Bible or other book to store note-taking items like pens and a notepad. It can be wrapped onto a tablet or small notebook computer to store EDC items. The Everywhere Organizer can even be docked on the visor of your vehicle to store small items on the go. You can probably come up with even more ways to use something like this.

It’s a straight-forward organizer with a simple and clever addition that makes it very useful.


Sneak Peek: Garage Built Gear Qube – USA Made Range/Camera Bag

Garage Built Gear is set to release a new bag with a lot of organization potential. The Qube will be a loop lined bag with padded internal dividers that the user can configure to suit their needs. The Qube is designed to be used as a range bag or camera bag but it should be flexible enough to serve a number of purposes.

The bag features a flap style pocket and a large grab handle on the exterior. It features a full clamshell opening via a double zipper to access the padded, loop-lined interior with mesh pocket. The Qube will be available a ton of colors for the 1000D Cordura exterior and feature a visibility pack cloth lining.

Like all Garage Built Gear, it is designed and made in the USA in small batches. Stay tuned for additional release details.


Garage Built Gear – Ultimate EDC Folio Organizer

Garage Built Gear’s new Ultimate EDC Folio Organizer is now available. This organizer boasts a unique size that makes it well suited to backpack carry and a ton of features.

A lot of organizers try to be pocketable which means they are often too small to be useful in a pack and too big to fit in your pocket once they are stuffed with EDC goodies. The 12.5″ x 7″ Ultimate EDC Folio Organizer doesn’t pretend to want to fit in your pocket. It is optimized for carrying in just about any pack.

It features a full clamshell, zippered opening to give access to the organization features inside which include a large slip pocket, a series of multiple sized elastic loops, and 3 zippered pockets made from mesh to allow you to see the contents. The interior is lined with a high visibility color to give contrast to the contents.

The front exterior features a slip pocket and loop field. The back exterior has additional loop and a full height zippered mesh pocket.

As with all Garage Built Gear products, they are made in the USA and available in a ton of colors. Check out the Ultimate EDC Folio Organizer at GarageBuiltGear.com.

Bockscar Bomber Hat from Garage Built Gear

Garage Built Gear, maker all kinds of EDC items from the materials and camo patterns that we all love, is about to drop some very cool bomber hats. The Bockscar Bomber Hat is their version of the classic bomber hat design and it looks amazing.

The outer portion of the Bockscar is sewn from your choice of color or camo pattern in either 500D or 1000D Cordura Nylon (denier depends on color or pattern). The options include Multicam, Multicam Arid, Multicam Alpine, Multicam Black, Chocolate Chip, Woodland, Black, and OD Green. The inner is soft, warm fleece in your choice of Black Stretch Polar Fleece or “Mountain Pattern”.

These hats are hand made and will be released in small batches. The first batch will be released today (November 5th, 2019) at 12PM CST (Noon). If you want one, don’t screw around because $60 is a great price for a hand made item like this. They will likely sell out quickly.


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