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“Make Silencers Great Again” Promotion from Griffin Armament

If you are just waiting for HPA to pass before picking up a silencer, you may be in for some disappointment. HPA hardly a slam dunk and even if it does become law, it could be a long time before it takes effect. Worst of all, the suppressor market is going to be like the wild, wild west if it passes with high demand, high prices, and fly by night operations popping up all over the place. The long and the short of it is, if you want a silencer… buy from an established manufacturer like Griffin Armament and now is the time to act.

Griffin Armament is rolling out a very cool promotion where they will basically give you your $200 tax fees back and they are calling it the “Make Silencers Great Again” promotion. Every Griffin Armament suppressor (rimfire excluded) will now ship with $200 worth of store credit at Griffin Armament’s website. That means you can buy a can and then get the muzzle devices needed to set up a few more rifles for free.

From Griffin Armament:

Sales are down unnecessarily, said Evan Green business development manager at Griffin Armament.  “When the markets have been rallying and jobs are being produced, consumer misunderstanding of the legislative process and the Hearing Protection Act, is hurting an otherwise stable industry.  Many people who want to buy are sitting on discretionary spending in the hopes that HPA will soon pass. The entire industry has come to a very similar conclusion that it will be quite a while until HPA is able to pass if at all despite almost unanimous support.  People not buying right now is only further delaying them from enjoying silencers.  It just doesn’t make any sense and this shouldn’t have happened.

Unfortunately a lot of misinformation was flying around and nobody in the industry was trying to educate consumers on how long it actually takes to get a bill to pass, what percentage of bills pass, that the legislative process usually takes hundreds of days etc.  This bill in some form has been presented to congress since 2015 and this congressional session is closing in a few months, so it looks like it will be rolling to another year.

Griffin is just as hopeful as everyone else for the HPA.  However having a realistic viewpoint on it is critical to the survival of the silencer industry and the Americans who work hard to move it forward.  The ‘Make Silencers Great Again’ promotion is the most we can do as a company to try to encourage spending right now.”

Evan continued. “It’s honestly an amazing time to be a buyer.  I remember when I was younger and was spending my money on an OPS INC can and promotions didn’t exist in the market. You could barely even get a dealer to handle the sale for you. Muzzle devices had to be purchased separately from the silencer, etc.  I remember having to help my local class 3 dealer to understand the paperwork because he did so few transactions. But times have changed and there are plenty of dealers on the market selling products at great prices and walking the customer through the purchase quickly while keeping them informed.  This program is also a great way to let consumers know that we appreciate them, we’ve been wanting to so something like this for a while.

Visit GriffinArmament.com

Griffin Armament PRIMO Gas Block .625″

Griffin Armament’s premium low-profile gas block for the AR-15, the PRIMO Gas Block, is now available for lightweight profile barrels with a .625″ gas block journal. Like the previous versions of the PRIMO, this one is machined from 416R steel with a QPQ finish. It comes pre-drilled, threaded, and with all the hardware necessary to install via screws or pinning.

Check out the PRIMO Gas Block .625″ at Griffin Armament.

Griffin Armament MK1 Signature AR-15s

Griffin Armament started as a silencer company, became known as a leading muzzle device manufacturer, grew their brand further into a full fledged AR-15 accessory source, and now their growth is reaching its logical next evolutionary step – complete carbines.


From Griffin Armament:

Griffin Armaments’ MK1 rifle line which has been in development the past couple of years is complete.  The MK1 series is a direct impingement line of signature rifles.

“Like most serious end users, we’ve been using and building AR’s as a hobby for the past 20 years.  We wanted to ensure our rifles were a turn-key fully featured firearm, meaning the end user doesn’t have to buy 4 or more different parts and own the rifle in a semi-complete state for months before it feels mission ready.  We’re proud of designing and integrating into these guns, a complete package of upgrade features.” -Austin, Lead engineer and primary owner of Griffin stated. He continued, “From a business perspective, we are also aware that the current AR market is extremely competitive, which is why we wanted to offer an unbeatable combination of quality, performance, and features at a great price.  Offering value is something that Griffin customers have come to expect from us, and we are happy to deliver it in this signature line of AR’s.”

Many components of the Griffin rifle represent individual, often lengthy, design and engineering projects.  Thousands of design and developmental hours were spent to ensure a proper ratio of performance and features versus cost.

In closing, Austin stated,

“ We formerly developed a fully featured rifle for another respected industry company, so our performance expectations were abnormally high at the beginning of this project.  The MK1 project developed a rifle system that resulted in a few meaningful patents, and a firearm that several of our employees wanted to own, which is typically a good indicator of success.  When you put a product in a person’s hand and they feel an immediate desire to own it, that’s the hallmark of a successful project.”

Visit Griffin Armament to learn more.

Griffin’s MK1 line includes 4 models and for a limited time is offering an introductory 10% off promotion. Customers can option their preferred furniture color and silencer mount model.

  •              PSD       5”   Pistol length gas  300blk & 223W   $1895  msrp            (NFA firearm)
  •             CQB       5”  Carbine length gas     223W           $1895  msrp            (NFA firearm)
  •             PATROL 5” Mid length gas     pinned  223W    $1795  msrp
  •             RECCE   16”    Mid length gas     223W                $1795  msrp


  •      Griffin 416R SS HEDP™ Barrels
  •      Griffin Enhanced BCG
  •      Griffin Forged Upper And Lower Type 3 hardcoat anodized
  •      Griffin Ambidextrous Selectors
  •      Griffin A3 Grip and enhanced trigger guard
  •      Griffin SN-ACH™ (Suppressor Normalized Ambi Charging Handle)
  •      Griffin Contour Connect QD End plate
  •      Griffin Maritime Receiver Extension™
  •      Griffin AR-SOB (Suppressor Optimized Buffer)
  •      Griffin ECS™ Extreme Condition Stock
  •      Griffin RailShield™ 4 piece panel set
  •      Griffin Low Pro RIGID™ rail system
  •      Griffin Micro Modular Sights™
  •      Griffin Primo Gas Block (pinned)
  •      Griffin Silencer Mount Muzzle Device
  •      Griffin Dimpled Takedown Pins

Griffin Armament M2 Back Up Sights

Griffin Armament just release their M2 Sights. They are slick, packed with features, and dripping with versatility.


You can watch the video below for full details but here are some highlights: They weigh in at just over 2 ounces and can be configured as standard or offset sights (offset to either side, south paws rejoice) simply by switching the base. The M2 Sights have a very compact footprint. They are machined from steel and Melonite processed. The front sight even uses a standard front sight post!

Best of all, they are very competitively priced – especially when you consider they are 30% off for Black Friday! These should turn some heads. Check out the M2 Sights at Griffin Armament.

The Griffin Armament XM Linear Comp is Back

The linear comp that launched a thousand XM177 replica builds is back!

Griffin Armament just completed another production run of their XM Linear Comps due to popular demand. You can read more about these from our post regarding the original run. These are a lot more than just a pretty face!

Griffin XMLC-2

The original XM comps had internal baffling that makes them an NFA item. Most replicas of these comps serve no function other than to look somewhat like the original. Griffin Armament’s XM comp adheres to the original drawings on the exterior but the interior is redesigned to work as a linear compensator. So, not only is it accurate in terms of appearance, it is actually functional.

You know you want to start an XM177 replica build! Check out the XM Linear Comp at Griffin Armament.

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