Griffin Armament XM Linear Comp

The original moderator found on the venerable XM177E2 falls under the NFA because it reduces sound ever so slightly. This has lead to several manufacturers making reproductions that lack the internal baffles. Unfortunately, these repro devices are little more than a steel sleeve made to achieve a specific look with little to no actual functionality. Griffin Armament’s XM Linear Comp is different.

Griffin XMLC-2

The XM Linear Comp actually functions like a proper linear comp. It redirects sound down range, away from the shooter and reduces muzzle rise. All of the changes that make this functionality possible are internal so the aesthetics of the device are unaffected. It is actually machined to the original Colt print to ensure it looks as close as possible to the original part.

Griffin Armament machines these from 17-4PH stainless steel and gives them a QPQ finish. The XM Linear Comp is thoroughly modern in functionality and materials yet historically accurate in terms of appearance and dimensions. How cool is that? I suddenly find myself scouring internet forums for XM177E2 parts…

Start your XM177E2 build with an XM Linear Comp from Griffin Armament.

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