The Griffin Armament XM Linear Comp is Back

The linear comp that launched a thousand XM177 replica builds is back!

Griffin Armament just completed another production run of their XM Linear Comps due to popular demand. You can read more about these from our post regarding the original run. These are a lot more than just a pretty face!

Griffin XMLC-2

The original XM comps had internal baffling that makes them an NFA item. Most replicas of these comps serve no function other than to look somewhat like the original. Griffin Armament’s XM comp adheres to the original drawings on the exterior but the interior is redesigned to work as a linear compensator. So, not only is it accurate in terms of appearance, it is actually functional.

You know you want to start an XM177 replica build! Check out the XM Linear Comp at Griffin Armament.

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