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Fight and Flight Tactical LLAMA Aluminum Frame Stays


Fight and Flight Tactical’s LLAMA pack works well without frame stays thanks to it’s semi-rigid backing but it does have the ability to accept them. It took a while but the stays are finally available. The stays should provide an extra measure of weight-transfer to the hip belt, making the LLAMA more comfortable with heavy or off-balance loads – like when there is a rifle secured in the tailgate.

They are made from aluminum and can be bent to fit your back. They are 15″ long, 1.25″ wide, and .125″ thick and sold in pairs. Pick up some frame stays for your LLAMA at Fight and Flight Tactical.

Fight and Flight Tactical Beer Bottle Koozie

And the Nobel Prize for First World Problem Solving goes to… Fight and Flight Tactical for the Beer Bottle Koozie!

Regular koozies don’t work all that well with glass bottles. Too much of the bottle sticks out above the top of the koozie for it to provide optimal insulation and therefore protect the frosty integrity of its contents. Worse than that, the bottle sweat gets all over your shirt making people wonder you’ve stopped taking medication for your overactive sweat glands.

Fight and Flight Tactical’s R&D department conducted extensive testing, tirelessly consuming beer, after beer, after beer to solve that problem and the Beer Bottle Koozie is the result.

Fight and Flight Tactical koozie

Of course, since this is a Fight and Flight Tactical creation is a made from 500D Cordura nylon with a neoprene liner and available in all the colors of the tactical rainbow. If you ever wear out it’s beefy #5 zipper, Fight and Flight will schedule an intervention. It also has a loop field for patches and some elastic loops for decorative ammo.

Check out the Fight and Flight Tactical Beer Bottle Koozie.

Back T.A.S.K. from Fight and Flight Tactical

When Dave at Fight and Flight Tactical announced the new Back TASK on his Facebook Page, he said “The Back T.A.S.K. reaches around so your buddy doesn’t have to…” I just… I don’t even… What?

fight flight back task

Seriously though, double¬†entendre aside, the Back TASK is just like the regular TASK but with the addition of paracord loops that make it easier to scrub your own back. Basically, it is a pouch made from spacer mesh that is sized to fit a typical bar of soap and it has loops that let you wrap it around your back to scrub. It might even fit your froo-froo organic lavender honey goat’s milk soap but if you use that kind you are probably more interested in the original TASK (see the first paragraph).

I suppose you could also use the paracord to swing your Back TASK around like a flail which could revolutionize the “blanket party.”

Check out the Back TASK at Fight an Flight Tactical.

Fight and Flight Tactical BLiSS

There are a lot of slings with a lot of features and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing if they are well made. However, when those features are poorly executed and unnecessary, they can have a negative effect on the reliability of something that should be pretty simple. When you think about, a sling really doesn’t have to do much. All it really needs to do is keep your rifle/shotgun tied to you and that is exactly the thinking behind the Fight and Flight Tactical BLiSS.

Fight and Flight BLiSS

The BLiSS isn’t anything truly new. It is a fairly basic single point sling that has a handful of attachment options and a removable airmesh pad for comfort. This sling is a throw back to simpler slings that served their purpose without a bunch of potential failure points. It doesn’t do much because it doesn’t have to.

Check out the BLiSS at Fight and Flight Tactical.

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