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AK-47 Armorer Block from CROSSTAC

Working on your AK can be tricky with you are trying to wield a 2 pound sledge in one hand and a cutting torch in the other… just your standard AK armorer’s tools. You can’t grow a third hand (easily) but you can pick up an AK-47 Armorer Block from CROSSTAC. Their AK Armorer Block locks into the AK’s magazine well tight so that you can clamp the block into your bench vice.

Crosstac Lightning Belt

Crosstac Lightning Belt 1

Crosstac has a new belt in the works. The Lightning Belt is designed for the ladies but still has all the features you would expect from a Crosstac belt. It features a concealed knife like their men’s D-Belt, a wide variety of belt and stitching color options, and an AustriAlpin COBRA buckle.

The Lightning Belt will be available to order July 25th and will start shipping in August. Tell the ladies in your life to check out Crosstac.com for more details.

Crosstac Lightning Belt 2

Review: Crosstac Ammo Can Liners

It is scientific fact that everyone loves surplus ammo cans. It is impossible not to love them. They are ridiculously handy for all sorts of tasks, relatively inexpensive for what they are (especially if you can find them locally), and they will last forever with some maintenance. They also happen to be just the right size for hauling stuff to the range and back but they lack any type of organization. That is where Crosstac Ammo Can Liners come in.

Cross Tac Ammo Can Liner

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Crosstac Ammo Can Liners

Crosstac just introduced their new Ammo Can Liners and I think I’m in love. I use ammo cans all the time to move gear to and from the range, pick up brass, and just generally stay organized. These new liners make it easier to do all those things.


The Ammo Can Liners are available for 30 and 50 Caliber ammo cans. They have wide mesh side panels that keep the weight down and allow you to shake debris loose from your brass. Their handles wrap all the way around the liner for durability.

The Crosstac Ammo Can Liners are on sale at a special introductory price. Check out Crosstac.com.

CrossTac RECON Shooting Mat

Most shooting mats are way too formal for me. I don’t do a lot of true precision shooting so I often don’t really need all the features that a hardcore shooting mat offers. However, there are times when it would be nice to have a lightweight ground covering when I am on the range. The RECON Shooting Mat from CrossTac looks pretty much exactly like what I envision as my perfect shooting mat.


It features 2 ply 500D nylon construction. The nylon is polyurethane coated for water resistance. One side of the mat is Multicam and the other is A-TACS AU so you can blend into a variety of environments. Both sides feature what CrossTac calls their Bipod Rail which is a clever piece of sewn down webbing that gives you something to load your bipod against while shooting. The RECON Shooting Mat also has large grommets at each corner so it can be staked down in windy conditions. I could also see something like this serving as an emergency shelter or ground cover.

Check out the RECON Shooting Mat at CrossTac.com.

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