Review: Crosstac Ammo Can Liners

It is scientific fact that everyone loves surplus ammo cans. It is impossible not to love them. They are ridiculously handy for all sorts of tasks, relatively inexpensive for what they are (especially if you can find them locally), and they will last forever with some maintenance. They also happen to be just the right size for hauling stuff to the range and back but they lack any type of organization. That is where Crosstac Ammo Can Liners come in.

Cross Tac Ammo Can Liner


Simple ideas are the best ideas and the Crosstac Ammo Can liners are pretty doggone simple. They are basically just a bag with handles made from durable materials with durable construction methods. The beauty of them is that they are sized to nestle perfectly into an ammo can.

The handles are made from wide webbing that wraps all the way down to the bottom of the bag. Most of the bag is made from some ridiculously heavy duty mesh except for the sides which are made from 1000D nylon. All of the edges are bound for additional strength and a finished look.

The handles wrap all the way around the bottom of the liner.

The handles wrap all the way around the bottom of the liner.

Observations from Use

These bags are designed to completely fill the space inside the can and they would be pretty handy if that is all they did. However, I found that I could do much more than completely fill the available space with them.

My favorite way to use them is drop all my ammo (in boxes or loose) in the bottom of the can and then put the Ammo Can Liner into the can on top of the ammo. This allows me to fill in the bag with smaller items like mags, cleaning supplies, and other range equipment. Then I simply fold the handles in, compress the bag, and close the can. This way I have two organized layers of gear in the same can with easy access to both.

Cross Tac Ammo Can Liner in Can Cross Tac Ammo Can Liner 2 levels

You can take it to the next level by using two Ammo Can Liners in the same can! In this configuration, you can pull out both layers of gear, leaving the can empty. I tried to do more than 2 layers of gear but the can was too cramped.

Once I am on the range, the Ammo Can Liner makes a great little range bag. They are lightweight and can hold a whole ammo can’s worth of gear. They are easier to move around than the ammo can itself.

You can even use them to police your brass at the end of your training session (if the brass vultures haven’t plucked it out from under your feet). The mesh sides make it easy to shake your brass clean after it has been collected. Just loop one handle through the other to close the top before you shake it.

Cross Tac Ammo Can Liner 2 liners

Wrap Up

There are a million ways to use an ammo can which means there are at least a million ways to use these Ammo Can Liners. This is the kind of thing that I could live without (I did for a long time) but, now that I have used them for a while, I am glad that I don’t have to.

Ammo Can Liners at Crosstac

2 Responses to Review: Crosstac Ammo Can Liners

  1. 2hotel9 June 7, 2013 at 06:44 #

    Cool. I been using gallon size ziploc freezer bags for several years, they fit nice in .30 and fit side by side in .50s. Loose crap tends to accumulate rather quickly in range boxes, as most shooters know. I’ll get a couple of these and see how they go.

  2. Ursa Ele June 7, 2013 at 13:17 #

    I have to say that these look to be a solution to a problem I’ve never had. Can’t imagine actually ever finding these to be useful.

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