Howard Leight Impact Sport Electronic Hearing Protection

A friend of JTT is prepping for his first carbine course and asked me if I had tips for him as he prepared. I mentioned that I wish I had purchased electronic hearing protection sooner than I did because it makes it so much easier to hear the instructor in a course even though you are at the other end of the line. He just sent me an email to say that the Howard Leight Impact Sport hearing protection is on sale at Brownells so he picked up a set.

Impact Sport

The Howard Leight Impact Sport is one of the best deals around on electronic hearing protection. The ones that I have been around have all held up very well, even in the rain in spite of them not being advertised as water resistant. They have a very nice low profile that fits under helmets and won’t get in the way of your cheek weld. They are comfortable to wear and OC Tactical even makes covers for them.

If you are planning on taking any type of firearm training, these are money well spent. Check out the Howard Leight Impact Sport Electronic Earmuffs on

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