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Bullpup Shoot 2012: Steyr and PJS Investments Company

Bullpup Shoot 2012 was the perfect place for Steyr Arms and PJS Investements Company to publicly make known that the AUG is back in the US market and they did it in a big way. They had several AUGs on hand in a variety of configurations.

The AUG will have a receiver that is manufactured by Vltor in the USA.

These CQC AUG A3 rifles will be available through PJS Investments Company. They feature quick detach, extended length rails that really round out the package. This configuration will cost about $250 more than a standard AUG A3.

This is another view of the CQC AUG A3.

The AUG A3 is available with a NATO lower that accepts AR-15 magazines. This could be ideal for those you have tons of AR mags on hand already.

Bullpup Shoot 2012: Desert Tactical Arms

Desert Tactical Arms (DTA) makes magazine fed, precision bolt action rifles in bullpup format. Given the tremendous ballistic advantage that longer barrels offer, the bullpup format makes a lot of sense for precision rifles. Basically, Desert Tactical Arms gives precision shooters the same ballistics that are possible with the fence post-like precision rifles that they are used to but in a much more compact package.

They offer three chassis that are available in a variety of calibers – the SRS, SRS Covert, and the HTI. The SRS is their standard chassis that is available in calibers like .308, .260 Remington, 7mm Winchester Short Mag, and more. The SRS Covert is a shorter (16″ and 18″ barrels) version of the SRS that is extremely compact at just 29.5″ long or shorter. The HTI is designed to handle larger calibers like .50 BMG and .408 CheyTac.

The DTA lineup: HTI, SRS, and SRS Covert. The bottom rifle in the picture, an SRS chambered in .308 was awarded to the top finisher in Sunday’s Bullpup Competition Shoot.

DTA also makes ammo which was being consumed voraciously by their rifles over the course of the weekend.

It was obvious to everyone in the area when this HTI was touched off on the firing line.

Eric took a turn on the HTI.

The DTA rifle chassis, like this SRS, make it extremely easy to mount slings, laser, lights, bipods, and other accessories with their free-floated railed fore ends.

Calibers can be swapped in seconds by loosening 4 screws and a key on the opposite side of the rifle.

The bolt knob is large and easy to operate.

Removing the butt plate allows the bolt to be removed out the back of the action to complete a caliber swap or regular maintenance.

Bullpup Shoot 2012: Manticore Arms

Sven at Manticore Arms is the person who originally mentioned the Bullpup Shoot to me. I am a big fan of his muzzle devices, especially for the AK family of weapons, so I was looking forward to seeing more of his products in person.

The Talon Scope Mount bolts to the AUG or MSAR and allows you to mount your own magnified optic. It retains a similar look to the original, integral optic from the AUG A1 and MSAR E4. The mount was shown with a Trijicon Accupoint TR-24 which was a great fit for the MSAR. The Talon is also available with back up iron sights integrated into the top of the rings.

This Brass Buster brass deflector is fits the AUG and MSAR and is reversible for left or right side use.

The Raptor Charging handle is the charging handle that should come standard on the AUG. It is turned down so that it can be operated without skinning your knuckles on your optic. If you have an AUG or MSAR, you want one of these.

JTT readers will be familiar with the NightBrake for AKs with 24mm muzzle threads.

The NightBrake is also available for 14x1L threaded AKs (shown) and AR-15s (not shown).

One of the newest versions of the NightShroud is made for the Yugo PAP M92 AK pistols which are popular platforms for converting to SBRs.

The ELSA Safety Lever is coming soon. It features easy to use, over-sized, but snag free, user replaceable lever options for SIG 556 and 552 users.

This is the lower profile ELSA Safety Lever option.

This Slotted Rear Sling Mount for the SIG 556 will also fit any 5XX rifle that has the necessary slot at the rear of the receiver. It allows the user to place their rear sling mount at the rear of the receiver which is ideal for both single and 2 point slings.

The Scorpion Grip for SIG rifles is available in a variety of colors and feels great in the hand.

The over-sized SAGE Trigger Guard is available for both SIG rifles and AR-15s. The AR-15 version fills the annoying (and sometimes painful) gap above your middle finger.

The EMBR is an over-sized magazine release button for SIG 556 rifles.

Eric, who was helping me cover the shoot, tries out the SIG accessories.

The Manticore Arms crew was extremely gracious to us. They spent a ton of time answering our questions and showing off their wares.


JUGGERNAUT TACTICAL was showing off their M14 Rogue Chassis – a drop-in bullpup conversion stock for the M14 (M1A). The Rogue Chassis moves the M14’s action 11 3/4″ closer to your shoulder which significantly lowers the overall length of the M14. It also boasts a solid trigger feel, plenty of rail space for various accessories, a nicely executed left-side charging handle, and a push button safety which I think is an improvement over the M14’s standard safety. I was surprised at how light the system felt, especially when paired with an 18″ Springfield Scout Squad M1A.

In addition to the Rogue Chassis, they were also showing their JuggerMount optics mount, Main Optics Mount, and a couple of muzzle brakes.

18″ M1A in a Rogue Chassis shown with Aimpoint.

18″ M1A with Rogue Chassis and Main Optics Mount. This was a surprisingly light weight configuration.

This Rogue Chassis was set up for long range precision shooting.

The left-side charging handle is one the best features of the Rogue Chassis.

This butt pad doesn’t slip.

The MOM (Main Optics Mount) is a light weight mounting option for small red dot sights. This one is shown with an optional bubble level.

The JuggerMount can be used to mount a mini red dot sight to your magnified optic. It is available for 30mm, 34mm, and 1 inch scope tubes and the reversible mounting plate allows it to work with just about any of the common mini red dots.

The JuggerMount is also available with an option bubble level.

The JuggerBrake is available in several versions. This version is optimized for long range use.

The CQC versions of the JuggerBrake are available with porting optimized for either left or right handed shooters.

This Multicam hydro-coated version of the Rogue Chassis was being raffled to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project.

Bullpup Shoot 2012: K&M Aerospace

If you own a Bushmaster M17S, take note. K&M Aerospace offers a number of functional, well designed, and well executed mods to the M17S. We were able to spend quite a bit of time with Ken McAlister, owner of K&M Aerospace, listening to his knowledge of the platform and the specific shortcomings that his products and modifications address. I came away very impressed.

This M17S shows K&M’s top rail mod and improved charging handle. They completely remove the carry handle and replace it with their custom parts. They have also lightened this one with cooling vents on the receiver/hand guard. The work was very, very cleanly executed.

This M17S had many of the same features as the previously shown one with the addition of an ambi charging handle, cheek rest, and desert digital hydro-coating.

This is a close up of the modifications to the hydro-coated M17S. It was a pretty impressive rifle.

This trigger assembly is a direct, drop-in replacement for the M17S. The stock parts are plastic that tend to feel very mushy. The replacement parts have a roller that drastically smooths the trigger pull. Ken says that the drop in parts usually result in a reduction of about 3 pounds (9.10 pounds, to 6.6). The difference was dramatic enough that it could be heard and felt.

Several M17S charging handle options are shown along with K&M’s MSAR trigger lightening device.

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