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Bullpup Shoot 2012

Jerking the Trigger was able to attend Bullpup Shoot 2012 at Rock Castle Shooting Center and we had an absolute blast. We were able to put hands on tons of cool stuff and talk with a lot of people who are passionate about bullpups. Stay tuned to JTT for the next couple of days as we cover all the news from the shoot.

The Bullpup Shoot was organized by Jon P at BullpupForum.com. He did a great job of pulling everything together and he was a gracious host. If you have even a passing interest in bullpup firearms, you need to get to one of these events!

Rat Worx USA has a shooting station set up with some full-auto fun. They were selling ammo dirt cheap and donating proceeds to the Wounded Warrior Project.

A new AUG A3 with US made receiver was available to shoot.

Military Arms Channel was one of several media outlets on hand for the shoot including Range Time with Cory & Erica, FPSRussia, Funker Tactical, and others.

Many vendors were in attendance to share their latest and greatest wares.

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