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Bullpup Shoot 2012: Red Jacket Firearms ZK-22

We were able to check out the Red Jacket Firearms ZK-22 and came away very impressed. The ZK-22 is a bullpup conversion stock that will work with Ruger 10-22 rifles with 18″ or longer barrels. The entire package is very light and fast handling.

The stock is somewhat reminiscent of the FN P90 but the dimension felt better to me. The front “grip” ring is designed to work with either a hooked thumb or with a strong thumb forward grip. Optics mounting is easy with the long top rail. The charging handle is well placed and easy to operate with either hand. There will also be various QD sling mounting options and forward rail configurations.

The ZK-22 put smiles on everyone’s face who tried it.

The ZK-22 can utilize brass deflector that directs the brass straight down for lefties.

Eric, friend of JTT, tests out the ZK-22.

I am pretty sure Sven from Manticore Arms is smiling as he shoots.

Bullpup Shoot 2012: Bullpup Armory

BullpupArmory.com is a new website that is dedicated to offering accessories that are made to work with, you guessed it, bullpup style firearms. They also carry a growing array of other items like Magpul sights, slings, and magazines. There were showing their kydex check pieces for Kel-Tec bullpups, padded cheek pieces, and a single point sling adapter.

They also had a rail system that could be mounted forward of the Kel-Tec RFB’s hand guard. They will be bringing an extended version that ties into, replaces, and greatly extends the top optics mounting rail on the RFB.

Kel-Tec RFB rail from BullpupArmory.com

Single point sling adapter with tab to keep the sling from rubbing on the firearm and kydex cheek piece

BullpupArmory.com had padded cheek pieces available for various Kel-Tec bullpups. This one is shown on an RFB.

Bullpup Shoot 2012: Bullpup Unlimited Inc.

Bullpup Unlimited was at the shoot to tout their new bullpup conversion stock for the venerable Remington 870 shotgun. The stock is designed to convert 870 that take 2 3/4″ or 3″ shells (won’t fit the 3 1/2″ shell models) into a bullpup configuration.

The Bullpup Unlimited stock greatly lowers the overall length of the 870.

It has polymer construction, integrated sling mounting points, and AR-15ish controls. The safety is a standard AR-15 selector switch and it will accept many AR-15 grips. The trigger is split into two sections so that it functions somewhat like the drop safety on GLOCK hand guns.

The removable butt pad serves many functions. When the butt pad is removed, it automatically places the shotgun on safe. The butt pad also has all of the tools that you need to install or remove the stock hidden on its underside.

The stock uses a standard AR-15 grip and selector

The split trigger functions like a GLOCK drop safety.

There are take down tools integrated into the butt pad.

The stock features integrated sling attachment points.

The top and side rails are polymer.


Bullpup Shoot 2012: Magnum Cartridge Inc.

Magnum Cartridge Inc. was on hand displaying their water-jet cutting prowess. They offer custom cut foam inserts for the Pelican or Plano hard cases. They have patterns that they can use or you can send them a tracing of your firearm. They can even add things like battery and magazine slots.

They also offer a very good looking AR-15 stock wrench, AR-15 end plate sling mounts, and AR-500 steel targets.

Bullpup Shoot 2012: IWI Tavor

We were expecting the Bullpup Shoot to be a great chance to check out a lot of new items but we were surprised to see that the IWI Tavor was going to be one of them. Michael Kassnar of IWI and the Tavor probably stole the show.

Rumors of the Tavor’s arrival into the US market have been swirling for some time with various stops and starts along the way. I am happy to report that we put hands on a working Tavor prototype and that bodes very, very well for the possibility of these finding their way onto gun store shelves soon.

The Tavor weighs in at just over 7 pounds and has very compact dimensions. Bullpups are known for their compact form factor and the Tavor somehow seems more trim and light than most. In spite of it’s small size, it was very controllable and ran like a sewing machine the entire time that I watched it.

The magazine release is very interesting. It is a trigger-like lever behind the pistol grip that seems like a potential snag hazard, but we were told it was a non-issue. Eric, a friend of the blog who was there helping me, noticed that the bolt release was ingeniously placed such that you could press it nearly automatically after inserting a magazine. He also noted that the trigger was quite good. The front hand guard is removable and replaceable with rails for mounting accessories like lights or lasers.

Overall, this was an extremely impressive package. I especially appreciated the fact that it was built to work with AR-15 magazines (it was being fed from CAA and Magpul mags on the range). Look for the Tavor to hit the market around May of 2013.

Sven from Manticore Arms checks out the Tavor.

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