Bullpup Shoot 2012: K&M Aerospace

If you own a Bushmaster M17S, take note. K&M Aerospace offers a number of functional, well designed, and well executed mods to the M17S. We were able to spend quite a bit of time with Ken McAlister, owner of K&M Aerospace, listening to his knowledge of the platform and the specific shortcomings that his products and modifications address. I came away very impressed.

This M17S shows K&M’s top rail mod and improved charging handle. They completely remove the carry handle and replace it with their custom parts. They have also lightened this one with cooling vents on the receiver/hand guard. The work was very, very cleanly executed.

This M17S had many of the same features as the previously shown one with the addition of an ambi charging handle, cheek rest, and desert digital hydro-coating.

This is a close up of the modifications to the hydro-coated M17S. It was a pretty impressive rifle.

This trigger assembly is a direct, drop-in replacement for the M17S. The stock parts are plastic that tend to feel very mushy. The replacement parts have a roller that drastically smooths the trigger pull. Ken says that the drop in parts usually result in a reduction of about 3 pounds (9.10 pounds, to 6.6). The difference was dramatic enough that it could be heard and felt.

Several M17S charging handle options are shown along with K&M’s MSAR trigger lightening device.

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