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Bladerigs to Launch Line of Training Knives

There are a number of knives on the market that have merits for self-defense but that lack an available training drone. This can often happen because the manufacturer doesn’t envision the knife in a defensive role or they don’t take training seriously (or because drones just don’t sell in large numbers). Bladerigs will seek to fill some of that void for various popular fixed blade knives.

blade rigs minimalist drone

They are already showing off the first in the series – a training drone for the excellent and affordable CRKT Minimalist. These popular Alan Folts designed knives are extremely compact yet offer excellent retention thanks to their handle design. The introduction of this training drone will allow those who carry this knife to actually train with contact.

The Minimalist drone is currently available in a package that includes the training drone, a live blade, and a sheath. Check out Bladerigs for more details.

Bladerigs Leatherman Wave OWB Pouch

Bladerigs created a very slick Leatherman Wave sheath for a friend and it turned out so well that they are offering it for sale. The sheath is unique in that it can hold the multitool whether it is open or closed! It can even secure the tool via a soft loop with snap in either position. That is slick and very, very handy.

The sheath includes a large Tek-Lok to attach it to your belt/gear. Check out the Leatherman Wave OWB Pouch at Bladerigs.

bladerigs multitool sheath

Bladerigs Eidolon Clips

The Raven Concealment Eidolon Holster is a modern marvel. It’s an injection molded polymer holster done right. The Eidolon is very usable right out of the box but Blade Rigs is now offering upgraded clips that are worth a look.

baderigs eidolon clips double

To understand why an Eidolon Holster owner might consider these clips, you have to understand how good the Bladerigs clips really are. They are very durable but more importantly, they are very tenacious. Many of the metal clips used on holsters come loose far too easily. These clips go onto your belt and do not come off until you want them too.

The Bladerigs Eidolon Clips are available in two configurations – a single broad clip or two more narrow clips. Both configurations have the clips mounted on a kydex backer that bolts directly to your Eidolon without modifcations so you can easily swap hardware.

Check out the Bladrigs Eidolon Clips.

baderigs eidolon clips single

Cold Steel Secret Edge w/ Bladerigs IWB sheath

Bladerigs is now offering Cold Steel Secret Edge knives that have been customized and fitted with their excellent sheaths.

The customizations that have been performed on these knives turns them into compact defensive knives that are somewhat reminiscent of the Tracker Dan BloodShark. The handle is removed, reshaped, and then cord wrapped. The result is a thin, concealable handle that gives the user tactile feedback about the edge orientation and keeps your hand from slipping up onto the edge.

The sheath is the excellent minimalist IWB rig. This sheath allows a multitude of carry options in addition to inside the waistband. It works especially well tucked into a belt loop horizontally near the wearer’s center-line.

Check out the Cold Steel Secret Edge w/ Bladerigs IWB sheath on Bladerigs.com.

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