Bladerigs to Launch Line of Training Knives

There are a number of knives on the market that have merits for self-defense but that lack an available training drone. This can often happen because the manufacturer doesn’t envision the knife in a defensive role or they don’t take training seriously (or because drones just don’t sell in large numbers). Bladerigs will seek to fill some of that void for various popular fixed blade knives.

blade rigs minimalist drone

They are already showing off the first in the series – a training drone for the excellent and affordable CRKT Minimalist. These popular Alan Folts designed knives are extremely compact yet offer excellent retention thanks to their handle design. The introduction of this training drone will allow those who carry this knife to actually train with contact.

The Minimalist drone is currently available in a package that includes the training drone, a live blade, and a sheath. Check out Bladerigs for more details.

One Response to Bladerigs to Launch Line of Training Knives

  1. tomcattch August 12, 2016 at 06:46 #

    Well hell, the link doesn’t seem to work.

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