Cold Steel Secret Edge w/ Bladerigs IWB sheath

Bladerigs is now offering Cold Steel Secret Edge knives that have been customized and fitted with their excellent sheaths.

The customizations that have been performed on these knives turns them into compact defensive knives that are somewhat reminiscent of the Tracker Dan BloodShark. The handle is removed, reshaped, and then cord wrapped. The result is a thin, concealable handle that gives the user tactile feedback about the edge orientation and keeps your hand from slipping up onto the edge.

The sheath is the excellent minimalist IWB rig. This sheath allows a multitude of carry options in addition to inside the waistband. It works especially well tucked into a belt loop horizontally near the wearer’s center-line.

Check out the Cold Steel Secret Edge w/ Bladerigs IWB sheath on

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