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Beez Combat Systems Hydration Carrier

We recently told you about Beez Combat Systems’ new padded harness for their chest rigs. Now they are showing off what that harness can do with the introduction of their new Hydration Carrier. The new harness and hydration carrier turn the BCS chest rigs in to more complete load carriage systems that allow you to scale up from a minimalist chest rig to a chest rig with padded harness and hydration capabilities.

The new hydration carrier features a large flap closure with a Velcro panel for attaching patches and identification. It can accommodate a 2 or 3 liter hydration reservoir and attaches to padded harness (or any other MOLLE gear) via MALICE Clips that are not included.

Check it out on BeezCombatSystems.com.

Woodland Camo is Back at Beez Combat Systems

Woodland camo is back. Then again, maybe it never left.

There is a growing shift among those who have a choice back toward Woodland camo. More and more people are remembering that woodland can be a very effective camouflage, especially when it is weathered and worn. However, it can be difficult for those who still use Woodland camo to find modern gear in the pattern but thankfully, Beez Combat Systems has stepped up to fill the void. They are now offering all of their gear in Woodland – everything from AK chest rigs to plates carriers!

Get your Woodland gear now at Beez Combat Systems.

BCS AK47 Chest Rig

The Beez Combat Systems (BCS) AK47 Chest Rig has now been around for about a year. In that time, it has seen use in Africa, Iraq, Afghanistan, and other countries around the world.

There are a few key features that seem to be the reason for the popularity of this rig. First, it is very low profile – low profile enough to wear over a plate carrier without excess bulk. Second, the buyer can choose whether they would like a 3, 4, 5, 6, or even 7 magazine configuration. Third, the pull forward design of the harness makes adjusting the rig easy, even while you are wearing it.

BCS continues to listen to end user feedback to refine this design. Check their post about 1 year with the AK47 Chest Rig on the BCS Blog.

Beez Combat Systems SVD Chest Rig

One of the best things about smaller gear companies is that they can take on less mainstream projects. Beez Combat Systems (BCS) is a shining example of that with their SVD Chest Rig.

The SVD Chest Rig is a collaboration between BCS and Marco Vorobiev, a Spetsnaz Dragunov marksman who has emigrated to the USA and teaches DMR tactics with Behind Lines. This rig will work with many different ComBloc DM (designated marksman) type rifles like the the SVD, PSL, M76, and the Saiga 308. It draws some very obvious inspiration from the well known Russian Chamelion SVD chest rig but it is far from a stitch by stitch copy.

10 magazine version shown in A-TACS camo

The design of the BCS SVD Chest Rig replaces the spotting scope pouch of the Chamelion with PALS webbing so that the wearer can add pouches like a blow out kit or radio pouch. The magazines are retained via an elastic pull tab system that will hold one or two magazines per pouch. You can choose between a 6 and 10 magazine version of the rig and choose your harness style (“X” or “H”). The 6 magazine version replaces the pouches with additional PALS webbing.

The biggest improvement is the construction quality. BCS uses far better materials (1000D nylon) and attention to detail than the original Chamelion rig can ever hope to have. BCS also offers a wider array of colors including all the standards as well as A-TACS, A-TACS FG, and even Russian Surpat.

The SVD Chest rig is available on the BCS website. You can read more about it and see a video review on the BCS blog. I don’t own an SVD, but this chest rig makes me wish that I did.

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