BALCS LVR from Beez Combat Systems

The Beez Combat Systems BALCS LVR (Low Vis Rig) is a scalable plate carrier system that is built around BALCS cut soft armor. It is designed to scale from a low profile carrier up to a full load carrying rig that is supported by a number of additional accessories including a clip on chest rig, a PALS (MOLLE) cummerbund, and a hydration carrier.


In addition to the BALCS cut soft armor, the LVR can accept SAPI, swimmer cut, or rectangular hard armor plates. It features a mostly slick front except for some vertical webbing that is used to attach the chest rig clips and a loop field for attaching patches and ID. The LVR will come with a low-profile elastic cummerbund that attaches at the front and back of the LVR via hook and loop. It is held tight to the LVR via a webbing strip on each side of the LVR. The back of the BALCS LVR features a low profile drag handle and is covered with PALS webbing for attaching the BCS hydration carrier. The shoulder straps pull forward to adjust and shoulder pads will be available as an option.

BALCS LVR Low Vis Rig side and Back

The clip in chest rig carries 4 magazines and is available for the AR-15, AK-47, or AK-74. It is completely covered with PALS webbing to allow the user to configure it to their specific needs. It installs easily with two side release buckles on the front and a slick clip on each side. If you don’t need the heavier load carriage capabilities of the chest rig, there are PALS panels that can be attached over the elastic cummerbund that can be used to attach various pouches.


You have probably noticed by now that the BALCS LVR is available in some of the Kryptek family of camo patterns – Highlander and Mandrake (shown). BCS has added the Kryptek patterns to their inventory and now they are an option across the entire BCS line up. The LVR is also available in a ton of other color and camo options: Multicam, A-TACS AU, A-TACS FG, Woodland, Khaki, Coyote, Ranger Green, OD Green, and Black. Plus, if you provide the material, BCS will make their gear in what ever color or camo pattern that you want.

Check out the Beez Combat System BALCS LVR.

4 Responses to BALCS LVR from Beez Combat Systems

  1. Rick March 29, 2013 at 12:47 #

    It does look like a rip off of Rogue Gunfighter’s LVR. Same name and all…

    • Matt March 29, 2013 at 12:54 #

      Not really. This is cut for BALCS cut armor and the RG LVR uses its own armor cut. Most soft/hard armor carriers end up similar in shape because they are designed to carry the same things. Clip in chest rigs have been around longer than Rogue Gunfighter. Rogue Gunfighter has a lot more functionality built into their cummerbund and some extra features in the front plate panel. They really aren’t all that similar at all.

  2. Jason March 29, 2013 at 14:34 #

    Cool blatant rip off of Rogue Gunfighters LVR bro? Couldnt even think to change the name?

    • Matt March 29, 2013 at 14:52 #

      The Rogue Gunfighter LVR stands on its own as a great product. I really don’t see why people are getting worked up about this BCS LVR other than the name.

      Hopefully, someone can explain it to me. If it is the slick front with PALS on the back design, that has been around longer than the RG LVR. If it is about the slick front, that has been around a lot longer than the RG LVR. If it is the cummerbund, they don’t compare – the RG version has a ton more functionality.

      The absolute coolest feature of the RG LVR is the cummerbund and all the slick functionality that comes with it. This BCS LVR doesn’t even come close to trying to copy that. They don’t even share an armor cut – in fact, the cut and over all shape matches the other BALCS carriers that BCS has been offering for far longer than the RG LVR has been around.

      Anyone have an feedback on why people are worked up? Is it just the name?

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