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The new BCS PREDATOR GHILLIE SPECTRALFLAGE BLANKET from Beez Combat Systems (BCS) is set to release soon:

PREDATOR GHILLIE™ SPECTRALFLAGE BLANKET reduces the physical visual, UV, NIR, and thermal signature of the individual to avoid being observed/targeted by ground-based detection and UAS Near-Peer threats. 

The PREDATOR GHILLIE™ SPECTRALFLAGE BLANKET uses complex, next generation engineering to accomplish the unthinkable; thermal mitigation of the individual war fighter from real world thermal threats and night vision, while providing a visual 3D outline breakup. This system is designed to be utilized as a Hide/Blind and or camouflage blanket. The more distance between your body heat and the blanket the better. While this system exponentially excels at outline breakup and mitigating your heat signature to thermal threats, the laws of convection still apply. It will mask your visual signature regardless of its use due to the advanced visual  3D outline breakup and A-TACS camouflage. It has shown to be most effective with standoff from the blanket under thermal. 

Learn more at BeezCombatSystems.com.

Beez Combat Systems EDC Belt

The new Beez Combat Systems EDC Belt is now available and it doesn’t look much like other EDC thanks to its unique design and materials. The belt combines the proven AustriAlpin Cobra buckle with a slick laser-cut laminate and webbing combination belt.

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BCS claims that these materials and this design, “provides the right amount of rigidity, proper belt width dimension and loop attachment area. This combined with the adjustment mechanisms creates an amazingly strong support.”


Beez Combat Systems Antenna Relocation Pouch

Beez Combat Systems just released a video that gives a detailed look at their new Antenna Relocation Pouch. The new pouch gives the user a lot of options and flexibility when integrating a radio into their plate carrier.

The Antenna relocation pouch is 100% laser cut and manufactured in the United States. The antenna relocation pouch is designed to fit a wide variety of different style antennae, wires and cord and mounts vertically to help keep the wearer free from the hassle of common issues when operating comms. The elastic band comfortably secures the antenna while the 1″ x 3.5″ Velcro loop secures the base of the antenna, wire or cord into place.  This pouch is a new piece of equipment that everyone should own.


Baofeng Comms Wing from Beez Combat Systems

Beez Combat Systems is now offering their Comms Wing Pouch for the Baofend/Pofung radios. This pouch should fit a wide variety of chest rigs and plate carriers that are currently on the market from BCS and others.

The Beez Combat Systems Comms Wing Baofeng/Pofung Pouch was designed to fit a wide variety of Baofeng and Pofung style radios with the extended battery pack. The Comms Wing Baofeng/Pofung Pouch is 100 percent laser cut and includes laser cut button window and port access as well as a laser cut drain hole. A bungee retention can also be found at the top of the Comms Wing Baofeng/Pofung pouch to help facilitate rigidity and ease of access while in a training or real world scenario.

The Comms Wing Baofeng/Pofung Pouch by Beez Combat Systems supports radio models such as: UV-5X3, UV-5R, BF-F8HP, GT-3TP, GT-3WP, UV9RPlus, 1701, BF-A58S and the BF-158 model. The various style radio models all are compatible allowing ease of access for the button window and the port access if utilizing microphones or ear pieces.

The Beez Combat Systems Comms Wing Baofeng/Pofung Pouch was designed to be ambidextrous allowing the operator to switch between left and right side placement. The ambidextrous design of the Comms Wing Baofeng/Pofung Pouch can be utilized to work with both micro chest rigs, such as the APTUM™ MICRO X, or plate carriers, such as the APTUM™ plate carrier series. A simple Velcro attachment allows the radio to face inwards towards the operator’s torso saving precious real estate space by allowing the radio to comfortably secure to the inside of the loadout.


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