Split Front Chest Rigs from Beez Combat Systems

Splint front chest rigs are back in a big way. Several manufacturers have recognized the utility of this style of chest rig and latest is Beez Combat Systems.

762 Chest Rig Split Front

The BCS Split Front Chest Rigs incorporate the same open top magazine pouch design that their other 1 piece chest rigs utilize. Each pouch is individually sewn unlike some mag pouches of this style. The two sides of the chest rig are joined with 2 side release buckles which allows the chest rig to be easily donned and doffed like a vest.

BCS has released the 7.62 and AK versions of their split front rigs so far. There will be an AR-15/M4 version available shortly. I, for one, am thrilled to see so more split front chest rigs coming to market. Check out BeezCombatSystems.com.

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