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Ares Armor Remora Speed Shotshell Holder

The Remora Speed Shotshell Holder manufactured from .120 kydex and holds 2 shotgun shells and attaches to Magpul’s MOE shotgun fore-ends. It was designed by Ares Armor in conjunction with Gunnery Sgt. Ray Conard, Active Marine Corps EOD Tech and SOTG Instructor, to position the shells directly in front of the ejection port and oriented correctly for an emergency reload.

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The positioning of this carrier is very clever. When the fore-end is in the rear position, as it would be during a pump action shotgun emergency load, the shells are held extremely close to their final destination which is the shotgun’s action by way of the ejection port. I have not put hands on the Remora but I can see how it would be very, very fast.

Check out the Remora Speed Shotshell Holder at Ares Armor.

Ares Armor 5.45 AR15 Barrel & Bolt Combo Package

Are you sitting on a pile of 5.45×39 spam cans that you hoarded before the recent import ban? Do you wish you could put all that ammo through something other than an AK-74? Ares Armor wants to help you put that ammo to good use. They just released a 5.45 AR15 Barrel & Bolt Combo Package that will let you build an AR-15 chambered in 5.45.


The included barrel is 16″ long with a 1 in 8″ twist, carbine gas system, and an M4 profile. It is made from 4142 steel and nitride processed which is a huge plus when dealing with corrosive ammo. The bolt is made from Carpenter 158 steel and Ares Armor says that it meets or exceeds the TDP.


This kit is extremely affordable at the sale price of 179.93. Even with the supplies of surplus 5.45 drying up, steel-cased commerical ammo will continue to be available and the cartridge is better suited to the AR platform than 7.62×39. So, if you are the type who wants an AR-15 chambered in one of the inexpensive Russian calibers, this could be a great option.

Check out the Ares Armor 5.45 AR15 Barrel & Bolt Combo Package.

Ares Armor – When a Sign is More than a Sign

Ares Armor is currently at odds with the local government of National City, California which is the location of their second store. The dispute centers around a sign on top of the store which the city says must come down. However, Ares Armor contends that the sign has been standing since the 1950’s and that the city has only taken issue with since they used it to advertise their paperwork free, completely legal, 80% lower AR-15 builds.


You can read more about the situation at PredatorBDU Blog and Guns.com. The PredatorBDU link includes a video from Nutnfancy, who love him or hate him, visited the National City store first hand and actually appears to have unintentionally uncovered what is suspected by many to be some form of local police surveillance on the store.

Ares Armor is standing their ground against the city via every legal means possible and, as you can imagine, that is costly. Now might be a good time for your to pick up some of the Ares Armor gear that you have wanted for a long time like the Combat XII Pack, Micro Belt, or slick new Derma Plate Carrier. If none of those fit your budget, maybe a t-shirt or bumper sticker is more your speed.

You might also consider contacting the mayor and city council of National City on behalf of Ares Armor.

Ares Armor Build Parties Shutdown

areslogosmallThe BATFE issued a cease and desist letter to Ares Armor in regard to their “build parties.” These build parties empowered people to build their own firearms for personal use which is probably one of the ultimate expressions of 2nd Amendment freedom. Ares Armor is ceasing their build parties for the time being but they are currently working to reinstitute them in some other form.

Visit Ares Armor and see the BATFE issued letter.

Ares Armor DUCK

Ares Armor developed an entirely new cummerbund system for their Derma Plate Carrier and I guess they figured it would be shame to limit it’s usefulness to just their own plate carrier. Meet the Ares Armor DUCK or Derma Universal Cummerbund Kit.


The DUCK has pretty much all the features of the cummerbund from the Derma. It has the same custom AustriAlpin COBRA hardware and the same, MOLLE compatible, triple elastic straps. The DUCK also retains some of the quick release functionality of the Derma plate carrier. It doesn’t allow the plate carrier to fully drop away like the Derma but a quick tug of the release will clear the cummerbund so you can doff the PC easily.

The DUCK is designed to retrofit just about any plate carrier that has a standard cummerbund. Check out the DUCK at Ares Armor.

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