Ares Armor DUCK

Ares Armor developed an entirely new cummerbund system for their Derma Plate Carrier and I guess they figured it would be shame to limit it’s usefulness to just their own plate carrier. Meet the Ares Armor DUCK or Derma Universal Cummerbund Kit.


The DUCK has pretty much all the features of the cummerbund from the Derma. It has the same custom AustriAlpin COBRA hardware and the same, MOLLE compatible, triple elastic straps. The DUCK also retains some of the quick release functionality of the Derma plate carrier. It doesn’t allow the plate carrier to fully drop away like the Derma but a quick tug of the release will clear the cummerbund so you can doff the PC easily.

The DUCK is designed to retrofit just about any plate carrier that has a standard cummerbund. Check out the DUCK at Ares Armor.

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