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ALG 6 Second Mount Holsters from Vigilance Tactical

The ALG 6 Second Mount has an ever growing list of holster makers who are bending kydex for it. The latest that I have seen is Vigilance Tactical. They are making both their Sentry6 and Nocturnal Sentry6 holsters for Glocks equipped with the 6 Second Mount. The options for these holsters are nearly endless and include things like accomodating a threaded barrel, adding a thumb break, 5 different attachment hole patterns, and more.

Check out the 6 Second Mount holster options at Vigilance Tactical. Check out our review of the 6 Second Mount.

vigilance sentry6 6 second vigilance nocturnal sentry6 6 second

Sneak Peek: T.REX ARMS 6 Second Mount Holster

T.REX ARMS will be releasing a holster for ALG Defense 6 Second Mount equipped Glocks. The holster is based on their yet to be released drop leg design with their slick swiveling leg strap anchor.

trex 6 second mount holster

The holster will be compatible with a number of attachment systems including Safariland’s ubiquitous 3 hole system. This will give the user nearly countless options for how they attach the holster to their gear and make it possible to fine tune the ride height.

The holster body is molded from .125″ kydex which is the thickest material you see in common use for holsters. This thickness should provide plenty of protection for the firearm. It is not a concealment holster to the use of thicker material is appropriate and welcome.

Keep an eye on the T.REX ARMS website for more details.

Advanced Holster AMS-6S Holster for the ALG Defense 6 Second Mount

Advanced Holster’s AMS-6S Holster for the ALG Defense 6 Second Mount is now available. This holster is made to fit the G17/22/31 or G34/35 with Surefire X300U weapon light. If you have a different requirement, you can contact Advanced Holster directly and they can likely accommodate you.


The AMS-6S Holsters are designed to work with all Safariland compatible mounting hardware and Tek-Loks which means this will be a very flexible holster. Advanced Holster offers a variety of mounting hardware and adapters that can be purchased ala carte with the holster.

Check out the AMS-6S at Advanced Holster.


Advanced Holster 6 Second Mount Holster

Advanced Holster has released initial images of their holster system for the ALG Defense 6 Second Mount. This holster was developed for a unit that is using the 6 Second Mount but a commercially available version is coming soon.


The original holster was designed to work with the unit’s Glocks which had an external compensator, the 6 Second Mount, and Surefire X Series Weapon Lights. It has adjustable tension and is compatible with Safariland mounting accessories.

The use of Safariland mounting accessories is a nice feature, especially for a set up that is not intended for concealment. This holster will be compatible with excellent Safariland components like the UBL, leg shrouds, and Drop Flex Adapters. It will also be compatible with aftermarket products compatible with and made for the Safariland bolt pattern like Tek-Loks, Invictus Practical Holster Hangers, and more.

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