Sneak Peek: T.REX ARMS 6 Second Mount Holster

T.REX ARMS will be releasing a holster for ALG Defense 6 Second Mount equipped Glocks. The holster is based on their yet to be released drop leg design with their slick swiveling leg strap anchor.

trex 6 second mount holster

The holster will be compatible with a number of attachment systems including Safariland’s ubiquitous 3 hole system. This will give the user nearly countless options for how they attach the holster to their gear and make it possible to fine tune the ride height.

The holster body is molded from .125″ kydex which is the thickest material you see in common use for holsters. This thickness should provide plenty of protection for the firearm. It is not a concealment holster to the use of thicker material is appropriate and welcome.

Keep an eye on the T.REX ARMS website for more details.


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